Why More Churches Install LED Video Wall?

September 22, 2021
Latest company news about Why More Churches Install LED Video Wall?

Why More Churches Install LED Video Wall?


Over the past two decades, churches have been engaging in worship by adding visual elements during services. Once primarily focused on pouring eyes on a hymnal it is now more common for wall-mounted projection content to look up.

Recently, many churches have decided to take this step further by installing led video walls in their sanctuaries. These video wall displays allow church leaders to share customized videos, pictures and text (such as lyrics for worship or scripture), as well as other content.


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  • Reason #1 – Very Reasonable

The cost for an led video wall drops dramatically with upfront costs only 15-20% higher than projection. In addition, when a projector lamp or entire projector fails, replacement costs can be thousands of dollars each time.

Video wall panels are modular, so a panel or even a lamp can be swapped out at a much lower cost. The result is that the break-even point on a projection with leds only takes one to two years.

For anhd led wall board, the cost split line is 110 inches. For a 110-inch video wall, led video wall pricing is comparable to an lcd display. And for any video wall larger than 180 inches, led wall panel video pricing is definitely better than any other static display technology.

  • Reason 2 – Lower Power Consumption

The total cost of ownership angle from the life of the system, display led wall are superior to projectors and lcd displays and contribute to a wise investment for the congregation.

Finally, led’s consume 40-50% less energy than projectors. Despite this, they can also emit significant amounts of heat.

When choosing a projection system, often you will focus on the upfront cost. However, many churches spend thousands of dollars per month on electricity. The substantial savings realized each month by an led video display screen can be returned directly to your congregation’s budget.

  • Reason #3 – With High Brightness and High Contrast Ratio

Traditional projection may lack the brightness for easy reading and engagement of your space.While projection brightness is usually determined by lux (reflected or projected light), led brightness, measured by nits, is the intensity of light directly from the self-emitting diode. One nits is equal to about 3.426 lux.

While fine-pitching starts at 300 lumens for the brightness of an modular video wall, it can also go all the way up to 800 nits, so it doesn’t require a dark room and works well for applications even under ambient lighting conditions.

If your worship space has ambient light at certain times of the day, a church video wall in led can be an excellent solution.You can improve the contrast by increasing the black level of the background or by increasing the brightness of the whites, led video walls can do both.

The video wall has a higher brightness than the projection, so the white is brighter, as well as the video led wall screen itself is black because it uses black leds, while the projection is actually in nature with a white background.

Typically, a fine-pitch led display wall can have a contrast ratio of 6000:1 compared to 2000:1 for a projector.Another key figure is the grayscale in low brightness conditions. LED walls can now handle 16-bit color depth processing and maintain high gray levels without degrading image quality even in low brightness conditions.

Projected images, when in low brightness conditions, can be blurred or the appearance washed out when the light bulb is over-burned. For your congregation, they can read lyrics, scriptures, and better appreciate the images with church video walls.


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  • Reason #4 – Longer Life Time LED TV Wall

LED walls have a life expectancy set two to three times that of a projection. Projectors typically have a life span of 3 – 5 years, and their life span is usually necessary to replace periodic bulbs and lighting engines.

LED church video walls have a life span of 100,000 hours or 11.5 years. This is because the projector has a single passive source of illumination, which means it has one lighting bulb for the entire brightness of the projection.

While video screen walls have millions of light sources originating from the luminescence, their uniformity burns at a uniformed pace.

For the above 4 reasons, more and more churches are installing video walls instead of the previous projectors. Our indoor fixed displays have been loved by many churches, especially the P1.25 cheap led wall , which occupy about 60% of production due to easy installation and maintenance, competitive prices and perfect results. if you have an idea, please get in touch with me.