Usage Areas of LED Billboards

October 8, 2021
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Usage Areas of LED Billboards


It is possible to develop perfect solutions with the LED billboard, which is one of the most used equipment in sports fields! Regardless of the sports branch or level of the competition, it is possible to provide quality solutions with the billboard. For this reason, it is necessary to benefit from LED solutions when signing a sports field project.
Ground, tribune, and scoreboard are indispensable in the fields where sports competitions are held. For this reason, almost every investor spends a large budget for these 3 factors in the design process of a sports field. The ground and the tribune are for the athletes and spectators who are considered indispensable for sports activity. However, the billboard is a great indicator for athletes and audiences alike.
This sign shows how many minutes of the match has been played and the score and includes different options depending on the sports activity. In this context, it is necessary to examine what the usage areas of LED billboards are. In this way, it is possible to have the chance to reach both higher quality and more successful solutions.
Our company offers billboard alternatives for different areas to meet your demands and provide a quality billboard solution. If you want to take advantage of these alternatives, you can take a closer look at the details below.

LED Billboard Usage Areas
You can take a look at the special solutions waiting for you regarding LED billboard usage areas. It should be stated that the different characteristics of billboards are mainly due to sports activities. It is necessary to take a look at what kind of billboard can be used in which sports branch. We have included these details below!

LED Billboard for Football Field

If you want to use LED billboards, the first option will be seen as football fields. In football competitions, a scoreboard showing the number of minutes of the match and the parties’ goals is used. The sign, which is identical to a screen, is also likely to reflect different images from time to time.
It should be stated that the LED football sign provides highly successful solutions visually, as it reflects limited information, although it is not simple. There are options suitable for every sports field related to the LED football billboard designed differently in shape. Some LED signs to offer solutions to show only the score and team names. On the other hand, a scoreboard that can broadcast like a TV is used in more advanced alternatives.

LED Billboard for Basketball Court
One of the areas where LED billboards can be used is basketball courts. It should be mentioned that these signs showing the numbers thrown by the teams are more comprehensive and of high quality than the signs on the football fields. For this reason, basketball signs and football signs are separate from each other.
Only numbers and remaining time are not displayed on LED basketball signs. Basketball players’ individual performances, the number of fouls, and some other statistics are also featured on basketball signs. In this case, the thing to pay attention to is to worship a suitable choice for the basketball court.
The purpose of the signs, where the difference in shape and size can be seen according to the demand, is to improve the experience of both the athlete and the audience. If you want to take advantage of the best alternatives in this regard, you should make a suitable choice for your project. Our company prioritizes quality thanks to its special solutions for your project.

Use of LED Billboards in Swimming Pools
Swimming pools are also areas where sports competitions are held very intensely. In swimming, which is considered an Olympic sport, it is quite common to use signs to show the rankings and degrees of athletes. For this reason, it should be mentioned that the most important thing to consider when designing an Olympic swimming pool project is a quality signboard.
Signs in swimming pools are simpler and simpler than basketball court signs. You can also make a quality choice regarding these signs, including all the details required by the swimming sport.

LED Billboard Truck
LED billboard truck options allow the use of LED billboards outside of sports activities. LED billboard, which is one of the options that enable people to be informed on certain issues, is placed behind the truck. This allows it to advertise visually wherever the truck passes.
You can also take advantage of the LED billboard truck options for your advertisements for various purposes. Especially when you choose this option, which stands out thanks to its high-quality solutions, you are likely to benefit from the advantages. If you want to include LED billboards in your project, take action now and take advantage of quality!

LED Billboard Prices

When you want to buy LED billboards, one of the most important details you should pay attention to is the prices. Because there are different price options related to billboards, which will be one of the main investment items of your project, if you want to take advantage of quality in this regard, you should definitely take advantage of solution-oriented options. So, what are the price advantages and other details that await you when you choose a LED billboard? Let’s take a closer look at these details without wasting time!

LED Billboard Dimensions
If you choose among the LED billboard options, you should know that the fees you have to pay will differ as the size increases. This actually creates the necessity to choose the right sizes related to the LED billboard. Depending on the size of the field or the facility’s needs, you should choose different sizes of billboards. In this way, you will be able to benefit from both quality and high standards.

LED Billboard Features
LED billboard features indicate specific options related to the billboards you want to buy. In this context, when you want to choose a billboard, it is valuable whether you choose alternatives such as a mobile LED billboard. With signs that are not fixed and that prioritize usability with their extra features, you will have the chance to prefer quality. At this point, you will be able to increase the quality to the top thanks to the billboard you want to take place in your project.

Billboard Selection According to Sports Field
If you want to choose a billboard according to the sports field, the most important thing you need to know is that you can take advantage of the project-specific choices. Because if the project is a football field, it would not be right to benefit from basketball or swim pool alternatives. For this reason, you need to work in coordination with our company to prioritize meticulousness.
Our company makes it possible to use LED billboards with options that will add value to your project. In this context, it is possible to promise the most special solutions to your requests. If you want to make your new investment perfect, all you have to do is contact us. Please make no mistake about the LED billboard and call us!