Video Wall And Church Stage Display

September 14, 2021
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Video Wall And Church Stage Display


In modern worship environment, visual technology has become one of the most powerful and reliable sources to engage congregation. Now a day many houses of worship is diverted to video walls to convey message, news worship and more.


A led church stage display is equally effective to set the right ambiance during church events. Now let’s take a brief look about video wall and why church use video wall? How utilize a led video wall for your church?


Video wall is a large display consisting of more than one video screen, fixed together to make a large logical church stage display.


A video wall can be formed by led (light emitting display), LCD (liquid crystal display), television and projectors. Video wall can be operate using the controllers. A controller consists of hardware (led screen wall) and software control (novastar, colorlight or linsn).


As churches want to grow, led become the solution to spread their message internally and externally. Whether you’re in need of a church led wall to display sermons points, roadside digital led sign to display announcements to the passing by, or song lyrics.


LED displays are an affordable, effective way for church to communicate. In the pandemic of COVID-19 with social distancing and people being online as church attendees, it has required significant increase in the media quality.


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Let’s take a glimpse on the benefits of church video wall, here are some common reasons to consider led video wall for church:


Display Virtually

A led video wall processor can capture signals from different devices, like mobiles, cameras, computer, cable box and more. All these content sources can be accessed on a single platform and displayed together on the church display boards.



The costs for church video wall significantly decrease due to rising competition between the production companies. LED video walls are also modular, allowing a panel or a bulb to be swapped out at much lower cost.


Its mean if you do have a fault occur on the display, you only need to fix or replace a small section rather than the whole system. As a result, the breakeven points of led over project-based system takes only one or two years.


They Consume Less Power

The true cost of ownership of church screen auxiliary led is less than lcd displays. Therefor it would be a wise investment. led video walls uses less than 40% to 50% energy as compared to tradition projects and it emits less significant heat.


As you know traditional projectors are less brightening during the daylight hours. However, led have to ability to change the brightness and contrast to make more visible the display in day light hours or in the darkness of night.


Longer Life Period

The life periods of traditional projectors are usually less than three to four years after the colors of projectors start to get faint and cannot clear visibility. Traditional projectors have only a single source of light as compared to church screen auxiliary LEDs.


LED video wall have several light emitting diodes that burn even at a stable space, which also contribute to its longer life period. When discussing the life period of LEDs, it’s the period before the system begins to emit less light and operates at less than 70% of its maximum capacity.


Some Additional Advantages to LED Video Walls


Let’s have a glimpse of some common benefits of digital screens for churches. Many houses of worships to their services, including music and roadside sign for communication.


The eye-catching wall experience brings the music to life, much like a live concert. When customizing led walls to any space, large space work well with these brighter saleable solutions.


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Factors To Consider When Buying Church Video Wall


Size of screen: LED video wall for church is available in different sizes and you can also customize the size regarding your requirements. For example, the size of digital screens for churches should be comparatively large to the coffee shop display.


Location: If you want to welcome the visitors, big screen monitors for churches should be visible to every person as they enter your facility. If its purpose is to divert traffic, make sure the massive will be able to see the spot where you install the led wall.


Installation: Plan to install the flat screen TV for churches in such a way that you can hide all the power and networks cables and adopters.


Surrounding areas: Examine the surrounding areas where you are going to install monitors for church sanctuary should be safe and clearly visible from all location and spots.


Content: Initially you may want to display the images and videos, but later you can also display the text and all other types of data.


Future: Install led church stage TV in such a way that you can utilize it for several years.


Where Buy Suitable Church Video Wall?


Looking for a suitable deal for church screen auxiliary, we must consider some methods for church projectors. For example, we can buy it online from google, amazon, Alibaba and other online platforms.


Best Selling LED Video Wall Model in Market?


From all above information we can find any suitable video wall solution that meets our requirements. that can be customized regarding the requirements where you want to install the led video wall.


Conclusion: For all above discussion is that led vide walls are getting necessary in churches to communicate and live concerts. If you have ideas in this regard, please contact us discussing with our engineers.