Guide To Buying Stage LED Screen

September 1, 2021
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Guide To Buying Stage LED Screen


LED stands for light emitting diodes, it is a straight panel display that uses a collection of LEDs to form an image on the screen. In recent years, they have become trendy in different events, including marriage halls, church led screens, marriage led screens, public transport designation signs, and many others. Among its various types, led stage displays are most commonly in use.


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1. What Is Stage LED Screen?


The stage led screens are gaining so much popularity all around the globe. An event is considered incomplete without, and stage led either it’s a concert, a business presentation, stage background screen, an advertisement, any festival, or an event. A led screen is a must-have component. The main reason for this status is because it produces high-quality images.


With the help of these stage led screens, it is possible to see what is happening on stage for the guests who are sitting on the very last seats. The quality of these display screens is, they produce an equal quality image when we see it from different angles.


2. Few Benefits Of Stage Screen:


• You can achieve vertical and horizontal orientation.

• These are available in all sizes and weights.

• With a rental stage led screen, transportation is easy.

• It helps in producing a vibrant effect on stage.


3. Stage LED Screen VS Conventional Display.


In recent years the use of led stage screens has been increased. The rental led screen supply has gone into short supply. Stage screens are not the same as our indoor and outdoor displays. Here are a few differences among them.


1). Installation Mode:


The installation of the stage screen is easy and convenient. An event or concert can be dismantled and transported to another stage or area when it is over. In contrast, the conventional led will be fixed and won’t be easy to move.


2). Display Effect:


Conventional led screen only has a propaganda effect. It can only play pictures and videos. But stage led screens will accept high-definition cameras. It will have a more displaying substantial effect.


3). Cabinet:


The traditional outdoor led will be waterproof and heavy in weight. Indoor led uses a simple cabinet. While stage led, displays are continually going to be transferred and dismantled. So, they will be thin and light in weight. These are usually in aluminum cabinet.




4). Safety And Stability:


We all know that indoor led displays will fix on a wall, and they will be considered safe. With this point of view, stage led displays are going to be high in the air.


That is why they must be lightweight and thin, and the joints must be firm and easy to detect to avoid any potential threats because of the negligence.


4. Change A Stage LED Can Bring?


Stage led screens are also going to be in use as the stage background. It can provide an abundant stage performing background. It gives a combination of vibrant pictures and music, which creates a spectacular occasion.


They give a led screen decoration, LED stage screen consists of the primary, secondary, and extended screens. The function of the main screen is a live broadcast and good quality music.


This main screen is connecting the left and right screens with many secondary displays. This feature can provide the best view of performance to the guests. They bring sparkle to your imaginative and creative ideas.


5. Stage LED Screen Design.


Other than the benefits it provides, the stage screen’s design is also an important aspect to look at. So before purchasing it, it is better to explore the design first.


LED displays include a technological design. They are user-friendly and smooth in working. These stage led designs are lightweight and thin. This feature makes transport and installation easier.


Moreover, the outer body of the screen is of reliable and hardcore material. That makes this design more durable.


6. Before Buying A Stage LED Display.


When buying a stage led, you should know how to buy the right one for you. That is why you should be well aware of the features you should look at while purchasing a stage led screen.


1). Size:


It is imperative to understand the screen size you will install in an event or festival. These features depend primarily upon the size of the event you are arranging and the number of guests you expect.


If it’s a big event with many viewers, then a tiny background display won’t do any justice to the distant viewers. So, a large display will need. But if it’s a small event, a smaller size will be preferred.


2). Location:


The location of your event and the site where led is going to be installed is also significant. This parameter refers to the type of installation you are going to do in your event.




3). Media Type:


The media you will run on your event may include slow-motion videos, pictures, or any other casual and advanced media portraying option.


All of these must consider before selecting an led screen. So once you analyze what your event requires, make sure you pick the right choice that can display the media in any format you want.


4). Viewing Distance:


It is a highly recommended option to consider. It depends on how big or small an event you are organizing. So, if you schedule a big event with many guests but select a small led, it will do no justice to your event’s distant or last viewers.


The same scenario goes for a large screen for a small event. Being too close to a high distant viewing screen will make the pixels noticeable.


5). Pixel Pitch:


You can call it screen resolution for the stage led display. Either you are planning a daytime event or a nighttime event. The screen resolution for both timings will be different. A screen with a higher resolution will cost you extra money.


6). Price:


LED stage screen price will vary according to the features you are looking for in a screen.


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7. How To Buy Our Stage Screen?


• Our ships worldwide through several shipping services.

• To estimate your shipping costs. You need to register on our website as an international customer.

• Place items in the shopping cart. When you go to the check-out process, you will assess each product’s shipping options and price.


8. Conclusion:


With all the information provided in this article. Benefits, features, and choosing the right one according to your event size. There is hardly a reason left to doubt your decision to buy a stage led screen, Right?


So, go ahead and buy the best stage led screen to enhance the outlook of your business or the event you are organizing.