Top 13 LED Display South Africa Suppliers

January 7, 2022
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Top 13 LED Display South Africa Suppliers


Buying an LED display screen is no easy task. Besides taking its features into consideration, individuals seeking LED display screens have to appraise the manufacturers as well. The manufacturer’s expertise in the business is also another important aspect to be judged. Sometimes LEDs appear high-quality but their manufacturers lack the professionalism or skills to provide good services and vice versa, which is a huge waste of good money for buying led screen cost. In this article, we discuss LED display South African suppliers, the absolute best of them, that is.


Since everyone wants the best of what they find, they are constantly on the lookout, hoping to land on a brand they can stick with. With that being said, the price point is also an important factor when it comes to investing in LED display screens. Being able to acquire something amazing for its price is somewhat of a rarity, however. Other than discussing good brands, another aim for this article is to discuss LED screen prices in South Africa. Discussed below is a list of, by far, the most promising LED brands one can find in South Africa:


Polaroid South Africa

First up on this list of LED Display South African suppliers is Polaroid South Africa. Polaroid, which was founded in 1937, may not strictly deal in LED products, but their LED-based products are top-notch. The brand is known for its photography-related products but added more products to their portfolio i.e. digital cameras, tablets, audio products, etc. The brand’s LED lamp with wireless charging and a Bluetooth speaker fit in is a superb product that features three brightness dimmers, i.e. warm white, natural light, and cool white, plus, it has a touch-sensitive light temperature control which is an amazing feat. Another LED-based product they have is the portable Bluetooth speaker with LED lights that light up as you power it on. As far as LED screen prices in South Africa go, Polaroid products can easily be put up there with the best.


Skyco Media

Established in the year 2015, Skyco has earned its place in the digital display industry with its excellent products and service. The brand offers many cutting-edge products, one that is very prominent is the USURFACE III. the USURFACE III features such as a wide viewing angle, high contrast ratio, better color blending effect, front and rear maintenance, etc. Its module is a hollowed-out design meant for effective heat dissipation, this way, it can withstand severe weather conditions. Yet another impressive feature is that it is fully waterproof. The brand’s integrity and its high-quality products are the reason why it belongs in our list of best LED display South Africa-based suppliers.


Prismaflex International

Prismaflex International was founded in the year 1988, and with its backing, Prismaflex South Africa was established in 2000. The brand has grown into one of the best LED display (South Africa) providers. They deal in signage, billboards, banding, LED, and many more. Their most popular products include the Prismatronic THD and SMD modules, as well as their BBM control system and software. They also specialize in the assembly of LED screens, and offer service, support, and consulting as well. Aside from their other product development ventures, they are still unique in terms of offering LED solutions.



Polycomp came into existence in 1985, and since then, has been a rapidly growing company offering an impressive range of products related to advertising, transport, entertainment, and financial sectors, etc. The brand strongly believes in employment equity as well as being technologically driven. They offer LED lighting in many forms, and for indoor as well as outdoor use The LED products feature high-resolution displays with sixteen million and one billion colors. All of Polycomp’s products are user-friendly, and highly effective when used.


They are also among the providers that offer reasonable LED screen prices in South Africa, considering top-quality products and services they offer.


Public Display Technologies South Africa

Public Display Technologies is a company that has been in function for the last 15 years. The company emphasizes reliability, cost-effectiveness, fairness, trust, and respect among other things. The company deals in LED-based products and services as well as other kinds of services as well. Their LED signage is designed to be high-impact and easily maintainable, and their digital indoor and outdoor signage is practical and cost-effective, pointing to the fact that their LED screen prices (in South Africa) are, in fact, competitive.


Alive Advertising

Alive Advertising built the first outdoor electronic screen in 1996, making them pioneering LED display South African providers. Their main concept was to provide small businesses with affordable products. Their first outdoor billboard saw success, and since then they have been serving customers from different financial backgrounds. As of now, Alive Advertising possesses a network of over sixty billboards all across South Africa.



Stellavista was established in 1994 under the name Stardust Electronics, which changed into the name it is today in June of 1999 upon being featured on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The company has since been offering advances multimedia communication systems. Stellavista is a leading provider of displays, control equipment, and many more. The reason behind its success is that it is committed to customer satisfaction and providing its customers with a memorable experience. This brief information alone makes them a promising LED display South Africa-based provider.


HD Media System

HD Media saw its beginning in 2015. Despite the first year being a slow one, the company soon started seeing success upon receiving a project in which they proved themselves capable of so much more. HD Media has installed some of the most notable digital LED-based billboards in South Africa. The company, among other great achievements, is a pioneer of LED Aluminum cabinets and also have installed nine fine pixel LED displays with advanced fiber-optic network technology



One Digital Media, or ODM, was founded in 2005. The company has vast experience in installing and managing digital LED signage networks, thus, providing customers a wide range of digital signage solutions. The company, as already established, puts its primary focus on customer satisfaction. They have had their digital signages installed in many prominent locations boasting high-resolution displays. One Digital Media offers brands numerous unparalleled advertising networks in large-scale supermarkets, courtyards, and bars throughout South Africa, allowing them to attract customers through their prominence.


Visual Advertising

Visual Advertising was established in the year 2008. The company’s vision is to offer customers cost-effective yet top-quality outdoor advertising. In that case, LED screen prices in South Africa being a concern, Visual Advertising delivers. Visual Advertising also prioritizes customer satisfaction, aiming to offer their customers the best possible experience. The company has ten outdoor LED digital screens installed throughout Eastern Cape and manages screens daily. They also have static billboards set up within and all around East London and Mthatha. They have over two-hundred local as well as national clients on their advertising screens on a monthly basis, which goes to show that they do not compromise on quality.


TVR Distribution (Pty) Ltd

TVR, which stands for Technology, Vision, and Reliability, is a company that surely lives up to its name. Started in 1988, the company has been associated with many big names such as Adata, Chronos, Eaton, Genius, Canon, Huntkey, Intel, Microsoft, and many more. It has, over the past twenty-seears, gained a reputation in the IT distribution industry as a trustworthy supplier, customer service being the driving force behind their business. While strictly not limited to LED products, they do offer some top-notch LED-based products. For instance, the “Riing 12 High Static Pressure LED Radiator Fan”, which contains a patented LED ring that is meant for maintaining color and brightness consistency.



XMOZU, the penultimate entry in our list of LED display South Africa-based suppliers, is a company that offers LED commercial display solutions. The company is committed to providing clients with the best possible LED solutions with products like LED display screen solutions as well as LED system control, and many more. One prominent product, the “All In One LED Display” is one that can independently be used anywhere with ease. Their “XMOZU Series” products are meant to provide a real sense of public LED display.


Power Screens

Power Screens, our last entry in the list of the best LED display South Africa-based providers, offers a wide range of services to their customers to help expand and complement their digital signage network. The company was established around 2008 after being inspired by LED screens on a visit to China, realizing that there ought to be a much richer market for LED screens in South Africa. Power Screens deals in advertisement spaces as well as LED screens, mobile electric display boards, LED technical installations, indoor and outdoor LED displays and many more. The Power Screen business philosophy is centered around customer relationships and honesty. With tireless and continuous training abroad, they have made it their utmost duty to provide the highest quality as well as advanced quality LED technology and services to their clients.