Colorlight X1/X2/X3/X4/X6/X7/X8 Video Controller

January 4, 2022
Latest company news about Colorlight X1/X2/X3/X4/X6/X7/X8 Video Controller

Colorlight X1/X2/X3/X4/X6/X7/X8 Video Controller

Are you looking for a video controller for your P3.91 LED display screen? Do you require deeply controlled graphical details for the displayed LED videos? If so, it’s better to look for a video controller that can help fulfill these demands.

For this, Colorlight’s X-series Video controllers offer a great variety of efficient models that meet your needs – from the Colorlight x2 to the Colorlight x6, Colorlight x8, and many more basic as well as advanced models. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discuss the best of the X-series models, shall we?


  • Colorlight X1:

One of the most basic and easy to function video controllers by Colorlight’s X-series is the X1. This model comes with all the necessary functions and supporting features to fulfill your basic video controlling requirements on the LED display or other setups. It includes video input ports of HDMI×1, DVI×2a, and a USB 2.0 port. Additionally, it comes with a loading capacity of 1.31 million pixels; giving you a decent quality of the graphical display. Additionally, you also gain support for improving gray-scale at low brightness, brightness, and chromaticity adjustment, slicing and cascading, arbitrary switching of video input, and a lot more additional features to help you manage the video controlling according to the demands of the media industry.

  • Colorlight X2

Now the next model is Colorlight X2, which is surely a more advanced model than the previous one. It includes video ports of HDMI×1, SDI×1, DVI×1, VGA×1, CVBS×, and support for input resolution of up to 1920×1200@60Hz. Additionally, you also get a loading capacity of 1.3 million pixels; allowing you to gain more clear graphical results. Other than that, the features of arbitrary switching of the video input, freely zooming of the image, a dual USB2.0 port that offers an efficient and high-speed configuration and cascading, and plenty of other supports including Supports HDCP1.4, etc.; this video controller model comes with all the basic features with a more efficient and reliable performance.

  • Colorlight X3:

The X3 comes with a loading capacity of 2.60 million pixels making it a lot more efficient for you to gain high-quality graphics in the LED videos. Additionally, it has input ports for videos of HDMI×1, DVI×2, and support for input resolution being up to 1920×1200@60Hz.other than these advanced graphical controlling features of the X3, you also gain all the basic and necessary features offered by the previous models here too.

  • ColorlightX4:

Similar to the previous models, this X4 model of the X-series also comes with all the basic and necessary features for a reliable and efficient video controlling. However, what makes the difference here is that this model support input ports for videos including SDI×1, HDMI×1, DVI×1, VGA×1, and CVBS × 1. Additionally, this model also includes a 2.6 million pixels loading capacity with 4096 pixels for maximum width and 2560 pixels of maximum height. As a result, you can count on this model for more advanced and larger pixels controlling for the videos on your gold wire LED displays.

  • Colorlight X6:

The new Colorlight X6 serves as a more advanced video controlling model with the presence of various digital signal ports. This includes 1×SDI, 1×HDMI, 2×DVI, and support for input resolution being up to 1920×1200@60Hz. Additionally, the presence of 3.9 million loading capacity and support for adjusting brightness, chromaticity, contrast ratio, tone, and saturation; all add a special touch to the graphical view of the videos on your LED display. Also, since this model is compatible with all types of receiving cards, multifunction cards, and optical fiber converters (manly by Colorlight); you can be sue to make the most use out of this model – without facing too many technical difficulties.

  • Colorlight X7

The X7 model is a next-level model of the X-series that offers all the features offered by the X6 model, however with an addition of some more features. This mainly includes the presence of 16 different preset modes support, allowing you to load the saved preset parameters for controlling and managing on the LED display – whenever you need them. Also, the presence of a 5.2 million pixels loading capacity adds more efficient and top-notch graphical quality to the displaying video. Additionally, the presence of three-picture-display support also adds more quality to your users with this X7 model.

  • Colorlight X8

Lastly, but certainly, not to the least, the Colorlight X8 is undoubtedly one of the top models of the X-series video controllers. It offers you with a support of various digital signal ports, a 5 million pixels loading capacity, and support for six-layer-displays (where you can freely adjust the location and size). These features and the basic and advanced features offered by the X7 model; all these combine to add more quality and efficiency to the high-end professional video controlling the performance of this model.


Even though plenty of the features of each of these Colorlight Video Controller models of the X-series are similar, but the addition of more pixel pitch quality and improved results with each model is also present.

Hence, if you consider what your business/ self-use and LED’s video controlling requirements and demands may be; you can easily choose the right model. So go ahead, choose patiently, and make the most out of it.