Digital signage for Pharmacies: crosses and large advertising LED screens

January 4, 2021
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Digital signage for Pharmacies: crosses and large advertising LED screens


Among the commercial activities that derive a great benefit, in terms of visibility and consequently of turnover, from the use of signs and devices with LED technology, pharmacies are certainly among those that stand out.


In the collective imagination, the first image that comes to mind in this regard is the classic external green cross that informs pedestrians, passengers and drivers of vehicles who are passing in the immediate vicinity of a pharmacy, of its presence, and of the actual opening of the shop. A service as important and essential as that offered by pharmacies cannot fail to make use of an effective LED cross, both for the immediacy with which it signals its presence during the day or in the evening, and for its resistance to bad weather or extreme temperatures.


Another factor in favour of buying an LED cross is its versatility. This type of sign can differ in size, in the type of lighting (flashing or with other forms of intermittence) and in the presence or absence of a mini-LED panel that can communicate useful information such as time, date, external temperature or anything else.



Pharmacy shop windows, a space that can be fully optimised


Pharmacies can make great use of the versatility of LED technology thanks to displays placed inside the windows to sponsor specific products for sale, to give visibility to special promotions or initiatives by the business. The physical space thus becomes unlimited, thanks to the possibility of showing an almost unlimited number of pharmaceuticals, products, and information.


Today the pharmacy is no longer just the place where you can buy medicines, specific foods for babies or special diets, but it is now usual to find personal hygiene products, cosmetics, toys for early childhood and orthopaedic footwear. In addition to this, appointments with professional doctors and beauty consultants can also be arranged inside. It therefore becomes essential to convey a series of information outside the shops in such a way as to attract the attention of passers-by also thanks to the support of dynamic images and demonstration videos.



LED totems, the new promotional tool


For the same reasons mentioned above, LED technology is also ideally used with totems placed inside the pharmacy, with the aim of promoting specific brands and new product lines. Compared to traditional cardboard or plastic totems, the LED totems do not have to be thrown away once the promotion or collaboration with a certain brand is finished, but can be used for many years due to the possibility of programming the software to display information and images at the discretion of the pharmacy owner. The ease and speed with which the programming of the devices that support LED technology is managed offers the possibility to modify the images and messages published on the totem according to internal needs and specific marketing strategies that also vary according to the periods of the year. Finally, the perception of modernity conveyed by the presence of a LED totem inside the pharmacy also brings a sense of safety that will inevitably affect customers' propensity to buy.


Thanks to the Digital Signage platform for content creation and management developed by Euro Display with proprietary "LED Sign" technology, it will be possible to create and upload images, animations and texts remotely on behalf of the pharmacy owner according to their needs. So the pharmacy owner does not have to worry about having the skills in-house. This is one reason why, to date, over 500 customers have decided to entrust Euro Display with the periodic management of the content they wish to promote on the LED products purchased from us.