Digital Signage at the time of Covid-19

January 1, 2021
Latest company news about Digital Signage at the time of Covid-19

Digital Signage at the time of Covid-19


Shortly before the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, the Digital Signage sector, or the sector that includes all types of signs and digital devices for Advertising, had very interesting growth prospects. Industry studies reported data confirming the growing interest in indoor and outdoor LED displays, as well as in shop and point of sale signs in general, with double-digit growth rates.


With Covid-19, of course, there has been a slowdown in the growth of Digital Signage, but not a recession as in many other commercial sectors, due to the restrictions put in place in numerous countries, worldwide, which caused many commercial activities to remain closed or even disappear due to the inability to cope with the collapse of their turnover. Many companies have thus found themselves unable to invest in Digital Signage due to lack of demand in their sector or due to serious economic difficulties.


However, the new scenario that has emerged around the world since the beginning of 2020 has opened the doors to new opportunities for Digital Signage operators, thus confirming their prospects of a brighter outlook even in a difficult period such as the one we are experiencing.



The new opportunities in Digital Signage


The way of communicating between individuals has undergone a drastic change from the first months of 2020 due to the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing, the obligation to wear masks, the impossibility of giving rise to initiatives in public places, the prohibition of using paper material in restaurants and/or public places, the closure of places until recently having meeting and social aggregation functions, these are just some of the changes we had to get used to.


There are therefore companies that, precisely because of the new rules put in place to counter the spread of the pandemic, have shown interest in Digital Signage for the first time. They find in LED displays of any size an ideal means to communicate with the target of their commercial activities or with their main operators. Just think of the restaurant menus published on small LED devices outside or inside the restaurant to give visibility to take-away services, notices relating to the rules to be observed in crowded places such as railway or subway stations, public transport stops, on public transport themselves, in the offices of large companies, in shops and shopping centres or to regulate important traffic flows of vehicles or people. In addition to this, all the places where health services are offered, such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories must equip themselves with LED displays or totems to manage the access of their patients and staff with maximum efficiency, regulating them according to internal protocols or local regulations.


Where before human interaction was enough, now Digital Signage represents the only way to be able to involve individuals or large groups of people in the choice of a product/service or simply in the immediate communication of information relating to safety regulations or any other kind.