What are the differences between LED screens and LCD screens?

January 27, 2021
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What are the differences between LED screens and LCD screens?


It’s time to talk about one of the most wondered topics? What is this topic? What are the differences between LED screens and LCD screens? Before addressing this issue, if we make definitions of these two technologies we will understand the issue better.

LED Screen: It is a technology that can be increased or decreased by the combination of high quality LED lights and control of electronic chips. LCD: Liquid crystals are polarized by the screen electricity. The biggest difference between LED and LCD is known as lighting technology.

LCD and LED TVs compared to the old tube TVs; thin and stylish looking technologies that have very clear image quality. The quality of the lighting system affects the image quality.

Differences that Separate LED Screens from LCD Screens!

While LCD screens use fluorescent lamps, LED lighting technology uses the quality of the light and transfes the image perfectly, for this reason, LED displays are often among the preferred products.

Since the light-emitting diodes in the LED technology are pixel-based, the black color is seen as real black. If we look at the contrast values, it will reach 5 thousand to 5 million.

  • On LCD displays, the quality of the colors is equivalent to the crystal quality of the panel.
  • Energy consumption is very important for all of us.
  • The less energy we consume at home, at work and outside, the more the benefit of everyone.
  • LED screens consume 40% less energy than LCD screens. When you consdier whole year, you save a lot of energy.

On the LED screens, the cell that brings the smallest image is called a pixel. The main image is formed by the merging of pixels. The smallest structure formed by the merging of pixels is called the matrix. By combining the modules in the matrix form, the screen forming cabinet is formed. What’s inside the cabin? When we examine the interior of the cabin; The module consists of power unit, fan, connecting cables, receiving cart and sending card. Cabinet manufacturing should be done by professionals who know the job correctly and who are experts.

The LCD TV is illuminated with fluorescence and the lighting system is provided by the edges of the screen, the LED TVs are illuminated by LED Lights, the lighting is made from the back of the screen, and the image quality is greater in LED TVs.

Depending on the change in your viewpoint, LCD televisions may cause decrease and increase in image quality. When you stand up while watching LCD, tilt or look down at the screen, you see the image in dark. There may be slight differences when you change your viewpoint on LED TVs, but generally there is no change in image quality. The reason is completely related to the lighting system and the quality of the light system that uses it.

LED TVs offer more saturated colors due to the technology used, and are able to consume less electricity. LED screens are frequently used in outdoor weather, activity areas, gyms, stadiums and outdoor advertising. Moreover, it can be mounted to the desired dimensions and heights. If you want to take advantage of LED technology, you should work with companies with good references.