What the advantages of small pixel LED display in Monitoring Center

June 2, 2021
Latest company news about What the advantages of small pixel LED display in Monitoring Center

What the advantages of small pixel LED display in Monitoring Center


As the core site for handling comprehensive information, intelligence research, decision-making, and command and dispatch, the monitoring center plays a very important role in public security, public transportation, urban management, environmental protection, and power supply. The unified platform, unified communications, and unified The core capabilities of deployment, unified command, and unified dispatch can better meet the complications brought about by the rapid development of urbanization in China. Therefore, the monitoring centers of various departments, various fields, various levels, and various uses have been put into use. According to incomplete statistics, on the one hand, there will be as many as 100 monitoring centers in the next five years.


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In order to meet the visual needs of one of the highly integrated management platforms, LED screens are currently relying on their own advantages in visualization to gradually replace DLP splicing, liquid crystal splicing, and multi-projection fusion video display technologies in platforms such as the monitoring center. For the monitoring center, the signals required to display are rich and complex, the content is fine and clear, and it can meet the rigid demands of long-term continuous viewing. LED screens have a broad space for development while meeting the requirements.


1 Monitoring Center Visualization Requirements


As a monitoring center, it is often necessary to manage real-time conditions in its jurisdiction, which is the basis for the normal operation of the entire city, and it is also a high degree of security for the state property and people's lives. The monitoring center has a large amount of data and requires strong information collection, rapid response, overall coordination, and comprehensive scheduling capabilities. The large-screen display and integrated system platform is the most basic core configuration of the monitoring center. It collects and integrates comprehensive information from various locations through the background and displays it in real time, achieving centralized management and processing of massive information. The processing of image information by the monitoring center mainly includes the following requirements.


1.1 Complex Data Access


The monitoring center integrated system integration platform needs to realize mixed display of various types and interface signals, including computer graphics signals, digital high-definition signals, traditional analog signals, monitoring signals, and network signals, etc. The signals come from the system resource pool, network security monitoring information, Cameras, VCRs, multimedia players, laptops and servers, local and remote video conferencing, etc. At the same time, the platform also needs to access a large number of signal sources and receiving terminals. Smart cities, public security, transportation, military operations, and other fields all have a large number of surveillance cameras that need to be accessed; Power, energy, property management, industrial production, and other fields have a lot of data and structured information to access.


1.2 Intuitive, clear information display


At this stage, the large screen of the monitoring center must meet at least the ultra-high resolution large format display. In a comprehensive platform for traffic, weather, and monitoring, it is often necessary to collect, store, manage, and present large-scale real-time picture information such as geographic information, road network maps, weather maps, and panoramic videos, using high-resolution GIS. Geographic information system and multiple high-definition fusion panoramas to achieve a unified large-screen display for the entire wall. The realization of the entire screen display and the ultra-high resolution superposition allows the monitoring center to have a better grasp and analysis of the processing details.


In addition, in the large-screen display of the monitoring center, the operator is required to be able to flexibly pick up and retrieve important information on each seat console, and zoom, cross-screen, move and full-screen display in the form of a window according to the required size and position on a large screen. , and the original picture should not have any form of residual image retention. Monitoring can highlight key points and events at any time and handle related issues in a timely manner.


As a large-screen display of the monitoring center, under the conditions of continuous improvement of the relevant screen display, it should also uphold the intuitive and accurate visualization concept, and assist other people with the help of the screen to allow anyone to clearly and clearly understand the specific content of the current monitoring. It is convenient for related personnel to issue instructions or dispatch orders. In emergencies, people's lives and property can be better protected.


2 advantages and development direction of small pitch LED


For the monitoring center's visual function requirements, LED displays that can provide high resolution, high refresh, and high stability will undoubtedly have advantages over other visualization technologies, as follows.


2.1 Smaller pitch LEDs


At present, the main display point of the monitoring center is 1.2mm, and LED full-color screens with higher density and smaller pitches are currently the development trend in the industry. The small-pitch LED display adopts pixel-level point control technology to realize the display pixel The unit's brightness, color reducibility and uniformity of state control. The smaller the distance between points, the higher the resolution of the picture quality, the finer the displayed content, and the larger the visible area, which fully meets the requirements of the monitoring center for the details of the picture.


However, the existing small-pitch LED technology still has the limitation of the technology level. The display screen of the monitoring center requires that black screens be faced and the side view cannot distinguish the module patchwork, the entire screen is consistent, the color is perfectly displayed when the light is low, and the most Important high reliability and stability.


2.2 More excellent performance


Further improving the display level of LED screens is a monitoring center, and the entire industry is further aggressive in nature, and it must be able to better demonstrate the excellent performance of LED screens with high refresh, low light and high gray, and low power consumption.


Under the low-brightness LED high-gray display screen display layered and vivid than the traditional display, image details, information, performance is almost no loss. The ultra-high refresh technology makes the edge of the dynamic display screen image clearer and more dynamic. These performance guarantees that the monitoring center can pay attention to every detail of the monitoring content at any time during the process of switching the demand picture.


In addition, to further reduce power consumption, it is in line with the national strategic requirements for energy conservation, emission reduction and sustainable development, and also reduces the cost of operation and maintenance on weekdays. It can be said that any progress in energy conservation measures is to China. An increase in the development of energy consumption has brought about more than expected benefits to related departments.


2. 3 more perfect combination


The monitoring center is developing from the integrated management platform of the original single functional department to all-round monitoring and highly integrated management. This indicates that the monitoring center's requirements for visualization can also be changed from a single aspect to extremely high-definition restoration and monitoring of real-time images to be more intuitive. Three-dimensional, all aspects of monitoring area information. Nowadays, high and new technologies in various fields are also being developed rapidly. Similar technologies such as VR virtual display technology, AR reality enhancement technology, electronic sandbox technology, and BIM three-dimensional information display technology are present in front of the people.


As the center of the monitoring center, which is highly integrated, highly integrated, and emergency handling of emergencies, there is a strong demand for such more accurate visualization techniques that contribute to formal judgment. The concept of the monitoring center is rather a matter of necessity. It is also impossible to pass over it. Therefore, the construction of a small-pitch, large-frame LED screen in the monitoring center can be more considered in combination with other display technologies, such as designing a special-shaped screen that is more in line with actual geographical conditions, a screen that can be highly compatible with three-dimensional information, and so on. Better, more accurate and more detailed display of visual information is the constant pursuit of the future monitoring center, and it will certainly be a key development direction for the development of small-pitch LED screens in this field.


With the maturation of information system integration and transmission technologies, the scale and construction requirements of monitoring centers in various industrial sectors are increasing. As a large-scale visualization screen of the core infrastructure of the monitoring center, the large-scale visual screen meets the needs of the monitoring center. LED screens should continue to strengthen the development of their own screen advantages and focus on the development of VR virtual display technology, AR reality enhancement technology, electronic sand table technology, BIM three-dimensional information display integration, interpretation of the monitoring center from a more extensive and sophisticated perspective of the visualization of the function, and strive On the basis of satisfying the national development strategy, we use the lowest energy consumption to display the most realistic, vivid, and perfect real-time monitoring screens, together with related data models, to reflect a more intuitive and clear environment and monitoring content.

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