The Untapped Potentials of Taxi Roof LED Display Screen

May 27, 2021
Latest company news about The Untapped Potentials of Taxi Roof LED Display Screen

The Untapped Potentials of Taxi Roof LED Display Screen


latest company news about The Untapped Potentials of Taxi Roof LED Display Screen  0


New technological developments and changing consumer lifestyles have resulted in fresh creative forms of marketing. One method of advertising that is fast becoming a popular choice for marketers is taxi top screen advertising. This method consists of out-of-home advertising in which content and messages are displayed on the cab top screen. These signs are designed to deliver messages to targeted locations at specific times of the day and night with its GPS module.


Its advantages as below:


1. Research has revealed that taxi roof advertising is able to attract consumers’ attention far better than traditional methods of media such as television advertising, internet marketing, etc. OTX (Online Testing exchange) conducted a national survey with consumers where people reported that “this media was one of the most unique and entertaining ways to capture their attention.” As well, consumers are responding positively to the taxi top screen.


2. Digital car roof advertising provides businesses with flexibility and the ability to target specific consumers. As well, they have the ability to target consumers outside of their homes and offices. Businesses can deliver appropriate advertisements based on where the digital screen is located. This can include gyms, schools, fitness centers, supermarkets, clothing stores, malls, theaters, coffee shops,…etc. Advertisers have reported that moving images, inventive ad copy, shorter ads, and the ability to advertise in normally inaccessible areas, are capturing the attention of more consumers.


3. The advertiser can arrange digital advertising as they want. Just with a phone, they can set the ads to play at which time and place, that contain a particular demographic. This can include schools where young people spend a lot of time or Bingo halls where a large number of senior citizens spend time. When correctly targeted with the appropriate information, it can result in increased sales. As well, businesses can keep their customers up-to-date on products and services by updating their ads on a regular basis.


4. The taxi top screen is cost effective. Nearly no cost except the screen and the key point is it can reach every corner of the city.


In an effort to keep up with changing advertising methods, businesses have had to stay up-to-date on current consumer points of view, technology, and lifestyles. Digital taxi screen is one marketing method that more businesses are tapping into as the results have revealed success. The rooftop screen allows customers to interact with the company’s brand messages in a personal and productive way, as well as allowing advertisers to engage consumers where it is a most suitable setting for them. Businesses are now seeing an increase in sales and more connected customers. Taxi top screen advertising is one method that is fast becoming an efficient and effective marketing tool.


To gain a competitive advantage over other businesses, it is critical for businesses to enter the taxi top AVOE LED display screen advertising market.