The "service" of LED display industry will be the competitive point of the industry

November 25, 2022
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The "service" of LED display industry will be the competitive point of the industry

We often say that "security is no small matter". In fact, for the LED display industry, service is also no small matter. The level of service represents the image of an enterprise and should not be slighted.

The 21st century is an era of new economy, which is essentially a service economy. The proportion of tangible products in meeting consumer needs is gradually declining, and the value of services is becoming more and more important. Entering the era of service victory, service oriented experience and innovation strategy have become the basic strategic choice of modern enterprises. More and more LED display enterprises are closing the competition core to the service center. For example, dealer technician certification training, LED display engineer ACE certification, etc. are all designed to further enhance service, and after-sales service plays a particularly important role in the whole service.

The emergence of "after-sales service" is the inevitable result of market competition. When the products of enterprises develop to a certain extent, the manufacturing technology is almost the same, which is also the main reason why the marketing strategy changes from products to services. Therefore, in this era, as an LED display enterprise, new products can not keep up with the pace and services can not reach satisfaction, so it can only wait for the arrival of death in a small place.

Fight the after-sales service battle and win the "second competition"

Many economists believe that the competition of product price and quality is "the first competition", and the competition of after-sales service is "the second competition". It is a deeper, more demanding and more long-term strategic competition. It is more important than the "first competition" and more decisive.

Customers are the foundation of an enterprise. Without a fixed customer base, it is difficult to stand in the competition. Good service is an effective way to reduce customer churn and win more new customers.

Every customer has his own social circle, in which he is influenced and exerts influence on others. Similarly, LED display enterprises cannot escape such a "circle effect". Under such a "circle effect", customers who are satisfied with the product quality and after-sales service will not only become repeat customers, but also become enterprise propagandists and advertisers, driving a large number of customers to come. Dissatisfied customers will not only stop coming, but also release their dissatisfaction to their relatives and friends, causing the enterprise to lose a large number of potential customers. According to expert research, customers who visit again can bring 25% - 85% of the profits for the enterprise compared with those who visit for the first time, and the cost of finding a new customer is seven times that of maintaining an old customer. In addition, it is more difficult to measure the reputation loss of the enterprise, the blow to the local atmosphere of the employees and the impact on the future development of the enterprise.

In addition, after-sales service is the continuation of quality management in the use process and an important guarantee to realize the use value of goods. As a remedial measure for the use value of products, it can eliminate worries for consumers. In addition, in after-sales service, customers' opinions and requirements on products can be fed back to the enterprise in time to promote the enterprise to continuously improve product quality and better meet customers' needs.

In the era of channel as the king, after-sales service should not be slack

Compared with fast selling products, LED display screen, as an engineering product, requires more effort in service due to its nature.

After years of promotion of LED display, the whole industry is a mixture of good and bad. The quality of products on the market is uneven. What customers fear is that the manufacturer cannot find the product after it has a problem. Up to now, more or less customers have suffered from such losses, and they have also expressed their mistrust of LED display manufacturers.

But it's not terrible if the product goes wrong. What's terrible is the attitude towards the problem. In the channel, many customers said, "Many manufacturers said very well when they first came here, with a warranty of several years, etc. But after the product went wrong, they couldn't get in touch with it. Our agents were responsible, and they didn't make a lot of money. Not only did the goods in the warehouse dare not sell, but they also had to pay a lot of money for the goods sold."

At present, with some large listed LED display enterprises, as well as the original LED display channel enterprises, they are focusing on the layout of channels. Deepening the channel is not only to develop more channel dealers, but also to do a good job in product service. In the past two years, the importance of service has gradually become a consensus for the development of major enterprises. Some enterprises have also taken the lead in adding added value to their products through services. For example, technical training, establishment of service outlets, etc., but this is only a practical step. To improve the service level of the enterprise, it is necessary to create its own service culture.

Therefore, LED display enterprises must establish customer centered core values, shape and cultivate customer centered corporate culture, and guide their customer service practices with customer service concepts, methods, and codes of conduct, so as to achieve a firm foothold in enterprise competition and achieve their marketing goals