How to make the led display keep good performance in long term?

November 3, 2022
Latest company news about How to make the led display keep good performance in long term?

During the usage of led display, the pollution, loose fasten, vibration, heat emission, temperature change and other reasons can cause a variety of failures to led display and result in serious accidents, therefore, regular maintenance to led display is essential. So how to overhaul led display with cleanup?


Routing inspection:

General led display inspection is based on the monthly patrol and for large screen led display it’s better to do weekly routing inspection, the detailed requirements are as below:

1. Led display maintenance contents include inspection for led lamps, led modules, power supplier and control cards.

2. Led display control system maintenance contents include inspection for controllers, fiber optic converter card, distributor and sending card.

3. Led display programming system maintenance contents include the upgrade and maintenance to programs editing software.

4. Make regular (better monthly intervals) on-site inspection and maintenance to the system by technical staff.

5. Escort the major events: the company technical staff have to do on-site guidance to make sure activities are held smoothly.


Clean up:

For low protection level led display especially for outdoor led display, the atmospheric dust can get into the device through air vents, this can accelerate wear and damage to fans, and reduce the heat and insulating properties to the internal control device and even cause a short circuit when the dirt absorb moisture in the air. And in long term the dust can cause mildew to PCB board and electronic components so as to reduce the display performance and error will occur. Therefore, led display cleanup job is simple but it’s a very important aspect to make the display keep good performance in long term.