LED Display Screen Advantages

July 29, 2020
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As always, after an exhibition, I come home with hundreds of new ideas and a better understanding of the digital billboards market.

After talking with several customers and visiting several booths at the recent Viscom Italia in Milan I realized something that I already knew but that hit me…

The video or electronic LED billboards have been on the market for several years now but it is still in its infancy as a developing media for outdoor advertising.

The more I walked around the exhibition center, the more I understood the huge advantages of LED giant screen for outdoor applications - LED large format screens offer a greater flexibility of use than conventional billboards could ever provide.

I think electronic billboards' main benefits could be summarized as the following:


Moving Messages - have been proven to catch the human eye's attention up to 8 times more than a static advertising billboard
Higher Brightness - which allows the LED Billboard to stand out of the crowd both during the day and at night
Increasing LED Resolution - that is transforming the outdoor screens in HUGE high-resolution TV monitors
Videos and Animations Capabilities - that allows to broadcast TV commercial as seen on television
Multiple Message Provider - that allows advertising companies to run multiple campaigns on the same screens
PC Remote Control - so you can change the ads in just a mouse click rather than sending out a crew to pull down and replace a billboard message.
Over the next decade, we can expect to see more and more LED billboards and displays popping-up along the streets - first along the most trafficked highways and near major urban centers, and then spreading out to less populous areas.

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