How To Solve The Problem Of Dragging Shadow On LED High-Definition Small Spacing Display Screen

February 16, 2023
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This paper discusses the causes and solutions of the dragging phenomenon of full-color LED high-definition small spacing display screen!

LED full-color display applications are often in the state of playing video in a loop, and this dynamic display will charge the parasitic capacitance of the column or the line when the line is switched, causing some LED lights that should not be lit at this moment to appear dark, which is called “drag shadow” phenomenon.

The main reasons for the dragging phenomenon are as follows:
① Video card driver problem. You can try to update the graphics card driver or reinstall the graphics card driver. At the same time, it is recommended to adjust the resolution and refresh rate, which may also be related to the response time of the LCD display.
② Video card problem. You can try to plug it in again and clean the gold finger. At the same time, you can observe whether the graphics card fan works normally.
③ Data line problem. It is necessary to replace the data cable or check whether the data cable is bent.
④ Screen cable problem. That is, VGA cable. Check whether this cable is connected properly and whether it is loose. Try replacing a high-quality VGA cable. In addition, the VGA cable should be far away from the power cable.
⑤ Display problem. Connect the monitor to another normal computer. If the problem persists, it may be the monitor problem.

The shadow elimination technology of LED display screen can make the display picture more delicate and make the picture display reach high definition image quality; Low power consumption can save electric energy during the long-term use of LED display screen to meet the requirements of low cost application and energy conservation and environmental protection; The higher the refresh rate, the more stable the display image, providing technical support for fine and high-quality display, and this display effect also makes the human eye feel tired when watching, and can meet the needs of high-speed photography. It is precisely this that has promoted the improvement of the effect in all aspects, and also strongly promoted the development of the application technology of the entire LED display screen.

The current shadow elimination technology effectively eliminates the drag phenomenon. When ROW (n) line and ROW (n+1) line change lines, the current shadow elimination function automatically charges the parasitic capacitance Cc. When ROW (n+1) line is on, the parasitic capacitance Cc will not be charged through lamp 2, thus eliminating the drag phenomenon.

In order to reduce the power consumption of LED displays, low-power products have been introduced. Reduce the power supply voltage of LED display screen by reducing the constant current inflection point voltage. This method also reduces the power supply voltage, which can eliminate the resistance of 1V voltage drop that must be connected in series for the red light. Through these two improvements, low power consumption and high quality applications can be achieved.

In short, whether it is the elimination technology or the current elimination technology, the most important role of the drive technology is to make the picture stable and clear, just like the computer graphics card drive, to ensure the smooth picture quality, and finally achieve the precision high-definition display of full-color LED display.