Features Of P0.4 Micro LED Display

August 8, 2022
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At present, the most advanced Micro LED display technology that adopts RGB full flip-chip, the minimum point spacing breaks through to 0.4.

The P0.4 Micro LED display has once again made a major breakthrough in multiple performance advantages such as 7680Hz high refresh rate, 1200 nits high brightness, 15000:1 ultra-high contrast, 120% NTSC color gamut, low reflection, and waterproof surface,etc.

Excellent product characteristics breed greater market application prospects. Micro P0.4 displays can replace LCD and OLED in traditional display markets such as command centers and commercial displays. It also has broad prospects in innovative fields such as glasses-free 3D, AR/XR, and home theater.

Features of P0.4 Micro LED Display

7680Hz Refresh Rate LED Display

What can 7680Hz Refresh Rate LED display do?

From the principle of the LED direct-view display, it can be known that the LED display refreshes the screen by lighting and extinguishing the light-emitting chip line by line, thereby forming the imaging. The “number of refreshes” per second is what we callthe refresh rate.

The 7680Hz refresh rate means that the light-emitting chip of the LED display is lit and refreshed 7680 times per second.

So, what benefits can a high refresh rate bring to users?

Comfortable and eye-protecting

When the display has a low refresh rate, it is easy to produce images similar to tens of thousands of light sources flickering at the same time. Although it is difficult for the human eye to detect, it may cause discomfort and even damage to the eyes when viewing.

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7680Hz Ultra-high High refresh rate VS 3000Hz Low refresh rate

Best for Virtual production, XR, Immersive digital environment

The ultra-high refresh rate of 7680Hz can avoid problems such as scanning lines on the LED display even in the case of photography and videography.

Combined with the characteristics of excellent color, infinite splicing and ultra-wide viewing angle, the picture on LED display can be much clearer and more delicate. Whether it is a professional studio shooting or a mobile phone shooting, the final effect can be consistent with the naked eye watching.

P0.4 micro led display for virtual production

Nanosecond-level response gets synchronized playing on screens for Live broadcast, E-sports competition

At the same time, the ultra-high 7680Hz refresh rate means that the playback screen can achieve nanosecond-level response, enabling true synchronous playback.

The 7680Hz LED display can achieve no smear when playing high-frame rate video, making the interaction smoother and faster, and the picture restoration degree is higher.

Not only the live audience, but also the remote audience watching through the broadcast can feel the excellent display effect of the ultra-high-definition LED display.

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1200Nits P0.4 LED Display

1200nits P0.4 micro LED display

15000:1 Ultra-high Contrast, deep black background

15000:1 P0.4 micro LED display

120% NTSC color gamut

120% NTSC Wide Color Gamut P0.4 Micro LED Display

True 16 Bits, 22 bits after processing

Ultra-low working temperature and power consumption

Conventional displays may fail due to high temperatures

P0.4 micro LED display uses ultra-cool screen technology, the maximum power consumption of the cabinet is about 68W, and the temperature in front of the screen is as low as 30°C (600nits, 25°C ambient temperature)

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Waterproof on surface, anti-crash COB LED display

COB LED Display