Shen Zhen AVOE Hi-tech Co., Ltd.

Shen Zhen AVOE Hi-tech Co., Ltd. Shen Zhen AVOE Hi-tech Co., Ltd. Shen Zhen AVOE Hi-tech Co., Ltd. Shen Zhen AVOE Hi-tech Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: AVOE
No. of Employees: 100~150
Annual Sales: 10000000-15000000
Year Established: 2008
Export p.c: 70% - 80%
About Us

Who We Are

Shen zhen AVOE Hi-tech Co., Ltd., which is a joint-stock holding corporation with some subsidiary companies/factories as the whole group of enterprise. Our main products are: 

Outdoor & Indoor Fixed LED Display
Outdoor & Indoor Rental LED Display
Transparent LED Display
Fine Pitch LED Display
Creative Customized LED Display

A Leading manufacturer of LED Screens in China

Owning the Intellectual Property Rights for most of Products

Adopt OEM & ODM business cooperation


What We Have

Over 200 Managing and Production Staffs

A Strong Team of Talents in LED Technology

Product with advanced features

Energy saving & environment-friendly

CE and RoHS Certificated


Our AVOE History


August 2008 year, in Hong Kong officially registered AVOE International Holdings Limited.
2009, Our P20/P16 LED screens exported into international market including South America, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile;
2010, Our LED Screens CE and RoHS certified for European countries like Spain, France, Italy, Etc.
2011, our P12/P10 DIP LED screens come into the market and annually got more 3000sqm sales.
2012, our P10 and P8 outdoor high brightness SMD LED Screen successfully come into both domestic and overseas market.
2013, our P6/P6.667 outdoor and indoor SMD LED Screen was being released.
2014, our P5 SMD LED screen be published and sold more 3500sqm annually.
2015, Shen zhen AVOE Hi-tech Co., Ltd. was registered and had our own brand AVOE LED for all of our customers. From September Shen zhen AVOE Hi-tech Co., Ltd. officially replaced AVOE International Holdings Limited.
2016, our AVOE LED had our overseas authorized distributors in South America, like Brazil, Peru and Venezuela.
2017, AVOE LED P4/P4.81/P3.91 outdoor and indoor LED Screen successfully come into the market.
2018, AVOE LED P3/P2.5/P2/P1.9/P1.875/P1.667/P1.2 was released in the market.
2019, AVOE LED had the authorized distributor SPR in Fiji and South Pacific. Meanwhile, AVOE LED P3.91mm outdoor rental LED screen successfully come into Fiji advertising & stage market.


 Keep moving.....


Pre-sales service, In-sales service and after-sales service


Service Contents

1. Service Contents

24 hours hotline (include consultant, and telephone technical support).

Network online service

Hardware repair

Free of charge technical training

Hardware upgrade

Maintenance service,In order to make your business more efficient and lower your maintenance cost, LED maintenance service is necessary to our customers.


2. Guarantee

(1) Guarantee objective:faithful, Sincere and Fast.

(2) In the warranty period, all service charges are free, after the guarantee, only the cost of hardware replacement is charged, the labor cost is free.


3. The range of guarantee

(1) Suppose our customers are unable to solve problems by them during operation, please contact AVOE through telephone, email and so on. AVOE will react as soon as possible and assist to recover in 24 hours. Besides, in order to decrease the down time, we will stock some spare parts such as power supply and chips for preparation.

(2) In the normal usage and storage, AVOE will be responsible to our products, suppose there is a quality fault, AVOE will repair or replace in free of charge. In the guarantee, if LED display is out of work, the user is required to provide the detailed report and describe the situation.

(3) After the project is finished, AVOE will keep improving the system function and upgrading the software. We only charge the component cost fee if we need to add some hardware facilities for upgrade.

(4) After sales we will visit our clients, ask for a feedback and make a maintenance for our products regularly.

(5) AVOE is able to maintain and rebuild third parties LED display, Please contact our service center for more information.


After-sale service contents


1. After-sale service includes

One year warranty for the whole system"except human factor and force majeure","One year quality warranty, lifetime maintenance", and guarantee the maintenance time in contract.

During the warranty period: solve problems for users through the phone, or E-Mail. Update the software free of charge.

As to the product quality problems caused by design, manufacture, installation technology, material, the replacement and maintenance are free. The system damage caused by force majeure (flood, fire, earthquake, war and so on) as well as users' man-made disturbance(construction, cleaning ) should be coordinate by both sides to solve.

Life-long maintenance for the system: after the guarantee, we only charge the cost of hardware.


2. Response time

Our maintenance engineer will supply solution by phone, Email in two business days after we received fault report.

We will try our best to supply solutions aim to the fault that can not be solve through phone,Email (users should be show fault pictures, detailed written report, report the problem in detail)


3. System upgrade service

In the guarantee, the upgrade of multi-media display manager software is free of charge.

If system functions upgrade needed by customers, add equipments and software functions, only charges costs.


Free training services

The training is with the purpose of training system operators, they can be operate the system skilled by training, and can deal with some basic fault.

Training engineers are three persons more or less.

This training is carry out at the training center in the factory training mainly contents including:

Basic knowledge of computer

LED display basic working principle

Display programming and play software, snoopware work systems operation.

System day-to-day maintenance and safety precaution, this training is arranged after the accomplishment of simulation system.

Our Team



What We Have

Over 200 Managing and Production Staffs

A Strong Team of Talents in LED Technology

Product with advanced features

Energy saving & environment-friendly

CE and RoHS Certificated

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