Top 10 China Stage & Event & Rental LED Display Manufacturers

December 27, 2021
Latest company news about Top 10 China Stage & Event & Rental LED Display Manufacturers

latest company news about Top 10 China Stage & Event & Rental LED Display Manufacturers  0

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Every industry needs LED displays. You will always encounter LED displays in different forms throughout the day. Especially in the advertisement and cinema industry, it’s simply impossible to function without LED displays. However, the process of getting a led display is not as simple as buying or renting one.

There are many different kinds of displays with many different functions. Each type suits different needs. To find the best LED display for you, you need to find a trusted manufacturer that not only provides you with the highest quality product but also guides you through the process. To help you find the most reliable manufacturers, we’re listing down the top stage, event, and rental 10 led display manufacturers in China.

1. ROE Visual

ROE Visual is one of the leading LED manufacturing companies. With its headquarters located in Shenzhen, ROE provides the best products all around the world with the help of regional offices. For ROE, user experience is the ultimate priority. Not only do they offer reliable products but also the most innovative market specific LED solutions.


Their expert team will guide you through the process of investing in the right product for yourself and using it to get the best experience. They provide their services for different markets and industries such as theatre, festivals, touring, broadcast, sports, e sports, corporate, automotive and all other industries that may need LED display.

Whether you want something for fixed installation or are looking to rent a display, ROE visuals will certainly help you in finding the best product for yourself.


2. Gloshine

Gloshine is a high tech LED manufacturing company with the aim to provide high quality LED displays for different industries. They don’t only manufacture and supply the LED displays but also engage in extensive research, sales and leasing services. The head office of Gloshine is located in Shenzhen which is the hub of LED production in China.


Whether you are looking for an indoor display or an outdoor solution, rentals or fixed installation, Gloshine will provide you with the right solution with the right guidelines. Some of the examples of products that they offer are, Outdoor LED displays, Indoor displays, Small pixel LEDs, Creative LEDs, fixed installation LEDs and lastly, touring systems. With their cutting edge technology and best color palate, you’ll be sure to have the best visual experience



AVOE LED is the design and manufacturing company of LED displays. They manufacture all kinds of LED displays from indoor, outdoor, rental, stage to fine pitch applications of the market, stages, exhibitions, retails, hospitals and conferences. With this huge range of products, you will always find something that suits your needs at AVOE. With more than a decade of experience, they provide the best service across industries.


A good manufacturer never prioritises profit. This is why they offer the highest quality products of cutting edge technology at reasonable and fair pricing. They also perform an aging test to ensure that product is reliable. You can always count on AVOE to provide you with the highest quality LED displays regardless of what your application is.


4. Dicolor

Dicolor is one of top LED display providers of D-COB technology for micro and mini led displays. They have one of the leading shares in the market of stage art performance. They combine rental displays, stage displays, commercial and conference displays. The main focus of Dicolor is in ultra high definition small pitch series display and smart commercial display fixed mounted series.

Their entire service revolves around the concept of “intelligent display links everything”. With this in mind, they provide a more immersive experience by providing the consumers with the high tech intelligent displays. Dicolor also has an expert team for inspection for raw material, production and transport. With all these things combined, the experience provided by Dicolor is the finest and most innovative in the market across the industries.


5. Absen

Absen is one of the leading LED manufacturing companies. Whether you want something for your corporate lobby, or are looking to get a display for outdoor advertisement, they will provide you the best solution for your needs. Absen has been providing thousands of installations globally for all industries including tourism, events, festivals, corporate, advertisement and retail. They have been offering products with different applications such as data visualization, signage, commercial, fixed installation, staging, and rentals.

Even the most prominent brands around the world have been using Absen as it’s first choice. They’re a leading Chinese LED brand that has been exporting displays around the world for more than a decade. Their core values are honesty, gratitude and responsibility. With these core values in mind, they provide the most reliable and best in class products.


6. Infiled

With more than 178 patents, Infield is the leading LED display manufacturing company in the china. They have expertise in developing large LED video equipment. Not only are their products innovative but also highly reliable. Infiled LED displays are a visual feast for the viewers. They offer both fixed and rental solutions depending on what’s best for the customer. You will also find sports, creative, and retail LED equipment at Infiled.

The best part is their customized led supplying service. Whether you are looking for a hanging display, indoor display, outdoor display or a flexible one, you can find the exact display you need at Infiled. Even pixel pitches, brightness and shape of LEDs can be customized. With their state of art displays, you are always ensured to find the best product with the most modern technology.


7. Unilumin

Unilumin offers cutting edge technology LED displays. Since their service is customer centric, you will be sure to find that your assurance and satisfaction is their ultimate priority. Their LED displays are designed in a way that installation will never be a problem. Even rental LED displays are developed to be suitable for transportation so that any risk of damage during disassembling and delivery can be avoided.

You will always find them providing you with the support you need. With their 24/7 online support, you can always contact them when in need of assistance. Their LED displays are efficient, have user friendly interface, and are suitable for commercial, corporate, and across all industries. For the most reliable and customer centric experience, choose unilumin and mesmerize the audience with their high quality LED displays. Esdlumen


8. Esdlumen

The proof of Esdlumen’s reliability is that they have been exporting LED displays to more than 130 countries around the world with maximum client satisfaction. In the domestic market too, Esdlumen has been performing exceptionally well when it comes to stage rental LED displays. They have been leading the sales in this industry for at least half a decade.

For their exceptional service, they have received many awards and honors. To name a few, National high-tech enterprise, China Green products, China famous brand, and credit AAA Unit are some of them. They offer indoor and outdoor LEDs both in fixed and rental services.

Their LED displays are suitable for all different industries such as airports, education, hospitality, film, cinema, theatricals, broadcast and conference etc. They also offer LED displays for all different sizes, shapes, and types.


9. Lightlink

Lightlink Display provides the most innovative and most reliable LED display solutions. They even have been applied to government holiday celebrations. They provide products for all industries. Their products have the most high quality components which makes the LED displays most reliable and make them last longer. Lightlink displays have been used for diverse applications such as conferences, ceremonies, entertainment and broadcast etc.

Installation process for their LED displays is the smoothest and quickest. These LED displays are also compact and adaptable to all different weather such as rainfall, dust storms and snow etc. Their LED displays are suitable for all industries that require the highest quality visual experience. Lightlink LED displays also have a long lifespan which makes them reliable.


10. Aoto

Auto offers state of art LED displays combined with AI with stability. Their LED displays are innovative, reliable and visually immersive. With these LED displays you can communicate your message while also providing the audience a visually pleasing experience. They have solutions for all industries. To name a few, Aoto offers LED displays for digital media, transportation, control rooms, XR studios, conferences, events, and retails etc.

The best thing about Aoto is their customer service. You can get a special implementation plan designed based on your requirements



Investing in an LED display is not an easy process. It’s not as simple as buying one and getting it installed. You need to find a reliable product that suits your requirements. For this reason, finding a good manufacturer is highly important. A good manufacturer will help you find the correct product for yourself and will also help you install it.

With the top 10 LED display manufacturers of china mentioned in this article, you can choose the one that suits you the best and find the most advanced led display that offers a visual feast to the viewers.