Take you into the world of outdoor LED display advertising

July 21, 2021
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Take you into the world of outdoor LED display advertising


Everyone is familiar with the outdoor led advertising screen. It is the mainstream product of outdoor media. It is mainly used in government squares, leisure squares, large entertainment squares, bustling business centers, advertising information boards, commercial streets, railway stations, and airfields. And other places.

Relevant information is mainly transmitted to the public through video playback, which is one of the important sources of income for outdoor media advertising.


What are the main products of outdoor led screens:

1.Made with DIP lamp:

The conventional name is the outdoor direct-in-line LED display. The representative product models are P8 outdoor in-line led display, P10 outdoor in-line led display, and P16 outdoor in-line led display. The main features are high brightness and good waterproof effect. The disadvantages are that the poor control of the lamp beads leads to chromatic aberration of the screen body, poor brightness consistency, small viewing angle and other problems, and cannot produce outdoor LED display screens with smaller dot pitch.


2.Made with SMD lamp:

The conventional name is outdoor surface-mounted LED display, which is currently a popular product in the market. At present, the smallest distance can be achieved P3, the representative products are: P3 outdoor surface-mounted LED display, P4 outdoor surface-mounted LED display, P5 outdoor table LED display, P6 outdoor surface-mounted LED display, P8 outdoor surface-mounted LED display, P10 outdoor surface-mounted LED display. The three colors of RGB are packaged in one lamp bead, which solves the problem of poor brightness and color consistency caused by the unevenness of the in-line lamp bead. In addition, SMD lamp beads can be made smaller, so it is also possible to make the outdoor led large screen develop to a smaller pitch. The brightness can also meet the requirements for outdoor use.


3. Outdoor led transparent display:

Although this type of screen is outdoor, it is only for outdoor viewing, and the installation must be indoors. Transparent led display is a new type of outdoor advertising led advertising screen with high transparency, which does not affect indoor lighting, thin and light cabinet, and easy installation.


Main installation methods of outdoor led advertising screen:

1.Mounted installation:

Indoors, suitable for small indoor screens. Because the installation space is small, in order not to occupy space, the same size area is dug out on the wall according to the screen area, and the LED display is embedded in the wall. The wall is required to be solid. The cost of using pre-maintenance is high. For outdoor installation, the mounting structure is suitable for the display screen projects that have been included in the planning and design of the building. The installation space for the display screen is reserved in advance during the construction of the civil project. Only the display screen steel structure is required to be used in actual installation Inlaid in the wall of the building, leaving enough room for maintenance on the back.


2.Wall-mounted installation:

Most suitable for indoor LED display installation, the area is small (less than 10 square meters), the wall requirements are solid walls, hollow bricks or simple partition walls are not suitable for this installation method.


3.Hanging installation:

It is suitable for large-scale places such as station LED electronic display and airport LED electronic display to play the role of indicating signs. The screen area is required to be small. (Below 10 square meters) It is required to have a suitable installation location, such as a beam or lintel above, and the screen body generally needs a rear cover. Ordinary mounting is suitable for single-box display with a total screen weight of less than 50kg, which can be directly hung on a load-bearing wall without the need for maintenance space. The display box is designed for front maintenance. Just fine. The rack mounting is suitable for general outdoor display screens. Considering the difficulty in maintaining the display screens, a steel structure is used between the screen body and the wall surface, and 800mm maintenance space is reserved. The space is equipped with maintenance facilities such as horse tracks and ladders. And install power distribution cabinets, air-conditioning, axial flow.


4.Post installation:

It is mostly used for the installation of outdoor advertising LED electronic display screens, with a wide field of vision and relatively empty surroundings, such as squares and parking lots. According to the size of the screen body, it can be divided into single-pillar and double-pillar installation. Column mounting is suitable for the installation of LED displays on open ground, and outdoor screens are mounted on columns. In addition to the screen steel structure, the column type also requires the production of concrete or steel columns, mainly considering the geological conditions of the foundation.


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