April 28, 2022

Stage Rental AVOE LED Screen: Product, Design, Advice 2022

Stage rental AVOE LED screen, also named as background LED display, is a vital role of stage and expressing vibe of performances. As LCD displays and TV can not achieve seamless splicing and huge LED screen, thus LED display screen becomes the ever-important factor for studios, and enjoys increasing market share worldwide.
In this article, we will introduce to you how stage rental LED display improving the whole visual effect of performances, and how can you choose the best and the most appropriate one to highlight the projects.

How Stage Rental AVOE LED Screen Highlight Whole Stage?

1. Brightness

Rental AVOE LED Display has an obvious benefit compared with other kinds of advertising media, that is high brightness can make showing pictures clear and vivid.
This feature is especially important for outdoor events and stage shows. Moreover, this helps to light up the whole stage actively for indoor events, no matter how many or less other lighting equipment is presented on the stage.

2. Availability

As you may know, generally speaking, stage rental AVOE LED screens can be customized and are available in variety of sizes and kinds. That means, you can purchase or rent the one that the most suitable to your events whether it is a huge event with thousands of guests, or just a small event. This is an advantage that other kinds of advertising media can not provide.

3. Deliver contents in various methods

AVOE LED displays can meet the requirement of various playing methods including displaying pictures, playback, MV, close-up shots, films, audio file and so on.
There are two control ways, one is synchronous control, and the other is asynchronous control. By using advanced LED controllers and other corollary equipment, LED stage screen can achieve fluent, detailed and smooth play performance without delay.

4. Create immersive vibe

Cooperating with professional lighting, videos and music, LED video wall can create special and great visual effects that bring you into the immersive phenomenon.
This display can be more creative if you like, for example, it can be a curved flexible LED wall to show the images in a clearer manner no matter what angle the audiences have. The audiences can watch everything that is going and have a pleasant time.

5. User-friendly

It is easy and straightforward to operate the screens. There are not sophisticated principles behind the operation, and only few simple steps you can run your displays well. The software is basically easy to understand and use.
Another great point about wedding LED displays is that you always have different connection options such as DVI, HDMI, VGA and HD-SDI, and it can support almost all kinds of media formats.

6. Interactivity

Interactive AVOE LED displays are playing increasing role in the whole market. Compared with traditional LED displays, interactive LED screens can achieve communication and real-time feedback with audiences.
For example, interactive stage floor AVOE LED display which will light up when people stepping on it. This can contribute to the extraordinary experience related to audios and visualization.
Now, we have understood how useful and important LED stage screen rental project for final outstanding stage performance. So, how can we get high-quality stage AVOE LED screen with high cost-efficiency? Let go to the next chapter with us.

How to Choose Right Stage Rental AVOE LED Display?

1. Choosing right main screen and sub screen.

For the main stage LED display, it is recommended to choose high pixel pitch LED display as generally main screens will display live broadcast of the performance in real time, or take the burden of displaying major audio and video materials. Moreover, the size is usually huge.
Therefore, if definition can not meet high requirement, the screen may look coarse and will seriously affect viewing experiences.
Generally speaking, we recommend that pixel pitch under P6mm for main screen.
And for sub-screen, you may have more free to choose different innovative shapes and sizes. For example, s-shaped curved screens, cylindrical LED displays, cube LED displays, and so on.

2. Easy installation and light cabinet

As the project may be labor and time-consuming, it is better to use light cabinets that are easy to install. The easy installation and transportation can save many time, energy and also cost. Moreover, adopting standardized structure can also simplify the whole process.

3. Multi-functional LED Control System

For to deliver the contents accurately, the control system should be reliable, and can achieve high-speeding signal transmitting, large loading capacity, high-effective cascade, etc. Please choose high-quality LED control card and You can consider LED video processor to help achieve more functions including simultaneous playback, special effect of video materials and other play effect.

4. Choosing right provider

Nowadays, the Internet technology is advanced and you can get a long list of suppliers if you just search on the Internet. But, how to choose the one who is really reliable and can offer you good products and services? Just consider it from aspects we list below:


First, the professional technical services that can guide you potential technical problems.
Second, onsite service. Whether they have specialized guidance and adequate ability to support.
Third, pre-sale services. The company should provide you a mature and detailed plan for the LED screen rental projects.


Qualification here does not only mean certification, but also special experiences in stage LED display. Choosing a company who has many special project experiences in the types of events that you will hold can be a safe action.

c.Other equipment

Except from the screen itself, corollary equipment are also deserved to be taken into account. For example, LED video processor, LED sender and other accessories.
This accessories also have great impact on the final price and display effect, and can be as important as the screen itself.


Today, we discussed stage rental LED screen: what are their main functions you can utilize to light up the stage, and how to choose right stage rental LED screen. For more useful information about LED display and LED control system, welcome to contact us.