SMD Fine Pixel Pitch Displays Hitting the Wall

November 16, 2023
Latest company news about SMD Fine Pixel Pitch Displays Hitting the Wall

LED Video Displays Using Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) technology are not stable below P1.25.

The Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) manufacturing process encapsulates 1 red chip, 1 green chip, and 1 blue chip into a small bulb/lamp which are then mechanically soldered directly to the PCB board in a 4-step process.

SMD- has permitted the evolution of much smaller pixel pitches than Dual Inline Package (DIP) LED displays as the SMD bulbs relative to the DIP chips are much smaller and therefore allow for many more LEDs to be applied in an identical area. DIP pixel pitches cannot go below P10. SMD works extremely well between P10 and P1.25.

AVOE Fine Pixel Pitch Series, which won best in Show at LDI 2023, has many outstanding features including;

Fully front serviceable.

No external jumpers on the rear, making this cabinet ideal for wall mounting.

Gold wired LEDs

Universally used Novastar or Colorlight operating systems.

There are no internal cables.

At only 2.28” deep cabinets are designed for wall mounting or can be recessed into a wall and meet ADA requirements.

Pre-threaded mounting locations make installation simple.

Magnetic LED modules make module replacement quick & easy.

AVOE LED Displays offer a five (5) years warranty and 5% spare parts.

This product is TAA approved with the highest possible security clearance.

IC drivers allow for a customizable refresh &scan rates.

Receiving cards allow for custom gray scale levels from 14-18 bit.

Redundant power & data configurations are available.

No internal ribbon cables. There is a single cable-less PCB connection for data & power.

90 Degree angle cabinets are an available option.

Seam brightness compensation is standard

3840hz refresh rate.

Epoxy Resin encapsulation is available creating impact, water, and moisture-resistant modules.

Half-size cabinets are available allowing for a closer approximation to desired measurements.

Smart module data retention. The display modules are hot-swappable and do not need recalibration or reconfiguration after being serviced or swapped.

Superb color & brightness uniformity.

DC-DC Remote Power Supply.

Low latency available- Reduction from 4 frames to .5 frames.

However, SMD fine pixel pitch displays are not reliable below a pixel pitch of P1.25.

SMD is a 4-step manufacturing process.

Micro LED technology is a 2- step manufacturing process.

The SMD structure has many welding spots and therefore many more possible failure points relative to the Micro LED manufacturing process. 100ppm vs. 10/ppm.

The bulbs that are affixed to the PCB board in the SMD process cannot create a perfectly flat surface. Micro LED technology allows for a perfectly flat epoxy resin surface.

However, the major issue that SMD has run into, is that there is simply no available space to add more SMD1010 chips to achieve pixel pitches less than P1.25. SMD 0808 and the 4-in-1 mini process, which are vital to achieving SMD pixel pitches below P1 are both unreliable and not stable, regardless of what certain manufacturers maintain!

AVOE refuses to import SMD pixel pitches below P1.

Micro LED displays below P1 are exceptionally stable and reliable. AVOE LED now has a P0.93 and will shortly introduce a P0.78.

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