Small pitch led drives the development of LED display industry

January 13, 2023
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Small pitch led drives the development of LED display industry

What are the benefits of the unlimited small space market for led displays in the future; Small spacing, as the name implies, is small. From the principle of LED self luminous display, smaller dot spacing means that the density of the image display unit is larger, and the images displayed will undoubtedly be clearer. This is the root of small spacing display's ability to defeat the traditional display, just like the mobile phone from the original big cell phone to the now ultra-thin, cool smart phone, this is the iterative upgrading of the product.

Product upgrading must be the driving result of technology upgrading. Without the progress of technology and process, product upgrading would be impossible. If the original display of one square meter could only hold 1000 lamp beads, the number of lamp beads per square meter with small spacing now must be doubled, so as to ensure the density of point spacing. Not only that, but also many problems such as heat dissipation, dead lights, butt joints and brightness adjustment under high density should be considered, This is the test of technology

From the perspective of small space products in the current market, P2.5, P2.0, P1.6, P1.5, P1.2 are emerging one after another, and even P0.9, P0.8 and other small space products are beginning to enter the mass production stage. By comparing the market data in 2014 and the first half of 2015, it can be seen that P2.5 has become more and more conventional, and the proportion of sales volume has declined. The sales volume of P2.5, especially the small space products below P2.0, has gradually increased, indicating that the market is increasingly inclined to smaller space products.

Market demand guides the development direction of enterprises. More and more display screen enterprises join in the small space competition. In a sense, whoever leads the innovation of products will win the initiative of the market. Therefore, everyone is making constant efforts towards "smaller spacing, smaller spacing", "clearer picture quality, clearer picture quality" and "wider vision, wider view". The price of small pitch led display screen products is becoming more and more popular, stimulating market demand.

As a star product, the small pitch LED display screen market continues to ferment, more and more manufacturers enter, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. In the fierce market competition, price is often the most important factor to reflect the degree of competition. In the context of technological progress and market expansion, costs will continue to decline, and product prices will also decline, which is an inevitable trend and a necessary stage for all emerging things.

Industry experts believe that cost reduction is an unchanging rule of the game, but the cost is not all. LED price reduction has been continuous, but in the process of price reduction, there must be technology support. If there is no technology, there must be the ability to reduce prices, but also have the overall cost performance ratio, more need for the support of brand value. During the interview, Bobon Chengde Optoelectronics expressed deep agreement with this point of view, and its interviewees said that the price reduction in the competition process is not a simple price reduction behavior. Behind the price reduction is a competition of enterprises' comprehensive strength, and they dare not rush to compete with others without strength.

It is precisely because of technological progress, cost control and other factors that the price of small space products is no longer higher, but more and more popular. Therefore, the market acceptance and demand have also been greatly improved, and the application scope has become more and more extensive, gradually infiltrating from the public field (security monitoring center, dispatching command center, information center, broadcast center, etc.) to the civil field.

Small spacing is not only small spacing, but also unlimited possibilities in the future.

According to the current development trend, the author believes that the future development trend of small spacing is not limited to LED displays, which may take the express train of the Internet and the Internet of Things and become the carrier of the Internet. Small pitch products have the advantage of seamless splicing, and the size of products is no longer limited, so the possibility of interaction between people and screens is greater. Once such interaction is achieved, and when the interaction becomes more and more frequent, the distance between people will be closer, and new communication methods may be born.

When small spacing is applied to a large screen, timely interaction will promote small spacing to break through a simple display screen framework, thus giving it a richer meaning. Coincidentally with the author, Jin Haitao of Yiguang Electronics looks at the small pitch display screen in this way: "It should not only meet the needs of display, but also have more possibilities. The reason why we have been moving forward is that it does not stop at the concept of small pitch display screen. If you simply display advertisements, any size of display screen can do it."

The author believes that no matter what the future of the small space is, we should not set limits. If we set limits at the beginning, there might be no small space now. The entire LED display industry may still be stuck on its original foundation. Without progress in the industry, enterprises will not be able to develop

Small spacing led has a bright future and unlimited possibilities.

It is undeniable that from a single outdoor application to today's indoor and outdoor applications, LED displays have been used more and more widely. Moreover, as the core technology has become mature, if enterprises in the industry choose to focus on beard and eyebrow, unless they have the strength to defy the sky, they will be left alone. Today, the "enclosure" development of LED display enterprises is undoubtedly the transition of the development mode from extensive to simplified, combined with popular industry applications and promotion, which enables enterprises to put on personalized labels and effectively promotes the differentiated development of the industry.

From traditional outdoor LED display to small pitch LED display, although LED display has made breakthrough in technology, it still relies on the traditional promotion mode at the market promotion level, while DLP splicing screen and LCD splicing screen with increasing market overlap have already entered the development mode of paying equal attention to technology and solutions, and manufacturers' comprehensive service capability has become the key to market competition. This means that LED display enterprises should actively carry out enterprise transformation if they want to truly integrate into the large screen display circle. The "enclosure" development of LED display enterprises with the label of application field is undoubtedly a positive catering to the development trend of this industry.

From the perspective of long-term development, whether based on the development of the enterprise itself or the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, the enthusiasm of LED display enterprises for "enclosure" will only increase or not decrease, thus accelerating the leap of the entire industry to the era of "application is king".