Mobile Billboard - Types, Tech, Cost, and Benefits

March 22, 2024
Latest company news about Mobile Billboard - Types, Tech, Cost, and Benefits

Mobile Billboard - Types, Tech, Cost, and Benefits


What is a Mobile Billboard?


Types of Mobile Advertising Billboards


Who Uses Mobile Billboards?


The Cost Marketing With Mobile Advertising Billboards


Benefits of Using Mobile Advertising Billboards


What is a Mobile Billboard?


Mobile billboard advertising, also known as mobile outdoor advertising or mobile billboard trucks, refers to the use of super-sized vehicles that carry billboards advertising goods and services. The idea behind mobile outdoor advertising is to catch the driver's eye with vibrant graphics that promote specific brands.


The goal of mobile billboards is to create a motorized form of advertising that's engaging and reciprocal. The main idea is to engage the audience with a strong message that promotes a specific product.


Types of Mobile Advertising Billboards




Because they don't need special software, static mobile billboards are cheaper to use. Plus, the ads on these billboards remain the same and are easier for motorists and pedestrians to spot.




Mobile digital billboards are more dynamic because they display virtual images that are changed every few seconds by a computer. The good news is that they're interactive, as they use live graphics to convey a message about a specific brand. The downsides of digital billboards are that they are more expensive to buy and maintain. Plus, motorists and pedestrians may miss some or all of an ad.


Wrapped Vehicles


Motorists and pedestrians can see a symbolic depiction of a brand with a message. You can see a clear image of a company logo. A smooth vinyl coat creates a pristine image that's clear and shiny. This method works well with passenger vehicles.


Who Uses Mobile Billboards?

Mobile advertising is most commonly used in the following industries: retail sales, events, real estate, tourism and hospitality, brand awareness campaigns, and nonprofits. No matter what the motive is, one thing is clear: Mobile advertising is used to motivate, inspire, and promote products and services.


Mobile advertising is also used to evoke certain emotions in people. An example would be certain political ads containing messages about specific candidates during a political campaign. The idea is to inspire people to vote on a local or national level. It's not uncommon to use mobile advertising to support upcoming political issues during campaign season.


Read on to learn about how various industries benefit from mobile advertising.


Retail sales


Many retailers benefit from mobile advertising. Major corporations such as Target can promote sales on specific items and raise awareness on new or trending brands. It's an excellent way to refresh public interest in established brands, reach a broader audience and remain iconic.


But it isn't just the big names that benefit from this type of advertising. You can use mobile billboards to draw attention to local businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and boutiques in certain districts or regions. It's an excellent way to raise awareness and help neighborhood stores establish a firm consumer base.




If you want to motivate an audience to attend an event, mobile advertising billboards are the way to go. You can raise awareness of concerts, festivals, and holiday events in your area. For best practices, be sure to target populated areas near the event, such as bars, restaurants, and stadiums.


Real estate


If you're a real estate agent or a property manager, mobile advertising is an exceptional way to boost your business. Use it to promote new or renovated homes, raise awareness of open house events, or forecast new information on rental deals. You may want to alert the public on new or developing neighborhoods in their region.


When advertising for homes or rental properties, be sure to establish your target audience. For example, if you want to advertise for deals on retirement homes, try going to an area where people aged 62 and over gather. An example would be a senior day center, geriatric primary care office, or a golf course.


Tourism and hospitality


Tourism and hospitality are excellent beneficiaries of mobile advertising. Visitors and tourists can get a glimpse of local services and venues in your area. You can advertise local attractions such as museums, zoos, historic sites, and other local landmarks. Mobile ads should include basic information about hotel deals and travel agencies in your town. You can display mobile ads on local restaurants and major chains in your area.


Brand awareness campaigns


Brand awareness campaigns are an excellent way to reach a wide audience. Here, you can raise awareness about specific products or services using interactive graphics on a mobile billboard. Truck advertising is an exceptional way to promote specific brands like health and beauty products. For example, you can create or display ads on a variety of Avon products, such as makeup, skin care, or fashion.




With mobile advertising, you can create emotionally charged ads that encourage some form of giving. This is an excellent tool for motivating people to volunteer for a local cause, such as a homeless shelter or animal rescue league. This method is ideal for promoting fundraisers and major events. Local and national organizations can use it to inform the public of an upcoming sale or concert, where a portion of the proceeds are donated to a cause.


The Cost Marketing With Mobile Advertising Billboards


There are many factors that add in to the cost of mobile advertising billboards. There are things to consider, such as vehicle type, graphics user, and billboard size. You also need to plan ahead for your advertising campaign. How long will it be, where will you go, and what are your expenses?


One thing to keep in mind is that price depends on vehicle size, the billboard, and the type of software used for the advertising. Most large trucks such as semis can cost an average of $500-$800 per day to rent. If you decide to order a billboard for both sides, you could be looking at design costs that range anywhere from $1,200-$1,600 for design software alone. Startup costs for static and digital billboards are $24,000 and $100,000, respectively.


It's important to keep in mind that you may be expected to pay out-of-pocket for vehicle operating costs. This includes insurance, gas, routine and emergency maintenance. These are things to bear in mind before you begin your mobile advertising campaigns.


Benefits of Using Mobile Advertising Billboards


Recent developments have made mobile advertising easier on consumers and businesses. The use of geotargeting enables companies and organizations to use specific location data that reveals neighborhoods or districts to find the right people. Businesses can reach out and establish a firm consumer base with this type of technology. Customers, on the other hand, can get a little information about specific brands that cater to their needs. This level of outreach is an excellent way to establish rapport and trust between businesses and customers. What are some other benefits of mobile advertising? We've created a list of the many ways that mobile advertising billboards can benefit your brand.


Real-Time Updates


Exceptional technology allows you to update your billboard periodically. You can change your ads as you travel from place to place. This gives you the opportunity to reach a variety of audiences, which allows you to boost business while getting a brand message across. Real-time updates allow you to keep your mobile ads current by creating new material. The use of dynamic graphics uses interactive imagery to captivate and engage viewers in every demographic region.


Exceptional Visibility


Remember those old billboards from yesterday? Given the imagery, it was pretty hard not to see them. Now that billboards have gone mobile, everything is out there. The eye-catching graphics and strong message make it even easier for the public to see them.


Cost-Effective Option


Mobile advertising offers the type of extended exposure that's meant to capture any audience. Businesses looking to improve their customer base and boost revenue may want to seek it as an option to radio or TV ads.


Even though it may be initially expensive, mobile advertising is an excellent investment in your business. This is especially true, since ads can be changes to fit a certain demographic. That said, it may be a worthy investment for the future of your business.