How to choose the right outdoor HD LED sign

October 9, 2023
Latest company news about How to choose the right outdoor HD LED sign

How to choose the right outdoor HD LED sign


What is an LED display?


LED display or LED sign is an electronic sign consists of a matrix of individual LED lights (LED pixels) that make image, text or video together. LED pixels are placed very close together and from relatively far distance the eyes won’t be able to see the gap between the pixels result in an acceptable image quality with minimum pixilation. Compare to LCD digital signage (like TV), LED signs and LED displays provide lower resolution due to lower number of pixels. But, brightness and color production is much more eye-catching which is necessary for outdoor and behind the window digital signage.

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Viewing Distance


The most important factor of LED signage is viewing distance. If your sign will be viewed from long distance by people in the car driving fast then you need a big character size to make it readable. As a rule of tomb you need at least 2 inch of character height for each 100ft of viewing distance to make it readable. For full-color sign with image and video support you may need bigger size to make better impact on viewer.




Pixel Pitch and resolution


Pixel pitch is center to center distance of pixels. The shorter pixel pitch the higher resolution. Viewing distance is the main factor to decide about the pixel pitch. For normal indoor LED sign with image and video support P6 LED modules (6mm pitch) is a standard resolution. However, in some case required high resolution or very close viewing distance P4 LED modules (4mm pitch) is recommended. For outdoor application P8 outdoor led display or P10 outdoor led display (8mm and 10mm pixel pitch) for short viewing distance and P16 modules (16mm pitch) for far viewing distance are mostly used.




Controlling system




This type of LED control card need a computer system to show advertising media on LED display. This type of control card are suitable for application you need to change your display media very often or you need to show lots of media on it (like huge outdoor TVs or huge billboards). There are different synchronous control cards with network, Wi-Fi or GPRS options.




Unlike the synchronous control cards, asynchronous control cards don’t need any computer to control it. All advertising media is saved in internal memory then control card play it according to the programmed schedule. This type of control card is suitable for any applications doesn’t need every day update like business LED signs, School LED Signs, behind the window LED sign. This type of control card is available with USB, cable, Wi-Fi option etc.



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