Hotel LED Display Signs: Custom LED Display Signs For Hotel Or Motel

December 15, 2021
Latest company news about Hotel LED Display Signs: Custom LED Display Signs For Hotel Or Motel

         Are you planning to invest in hotel LED Display signs for your hotel or motel business? We all know how much effective and beneficial LED signs can be in terms of boosting, promoting and advertising businesses. But that’s more commonly understood when it comes to using these signs as billboards or in outdoor business settings. Since businesses can better target the passerby’s and customers by displaying attention-grabbing graphics on these screens, it’s undoubtedly a great tool to advertise and promote a business.

But moving towards the use of hotel LED Display signs and their benefits, plenty of small hotels and motel owners consider the usage of these screens wastage of money. It’s hard to find them installed in any hotel other than the extraordinarily advanced and big-budget ones. Considering this, you might also wonder whether it’s a smart investment for your business, right.

Well, there’s no doubt that you get plenty of smart benefits through these screens. But before you invest in one, it’s essential to learn about what you get through them. This way, when you’re familiar with the benefit, you can better make productive use of them. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and discover some of its benefits below in detail.


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Advantages of Hotel LED Display Signs:


The list of advantages of hotel LED signs can vary from location to location and hotel/motel criteria’s. But when it comes to the top advantages that are common to be offered to anyone installing a LED sign for their hotel business, the below-mentioned options can be easily considered.


· Efficient Replacement of General Exterior Signs:


Even though general exterior signs are a common and prominent part of any mote/hotel for its recognition, it’s more old-school now. Instead, this use of hotel LED signs serves as a better replacement that comes with a brighter and better view. With the stacked signs showing a logo of your business on top along with a display underneath; the view is hard to ignore. Moreover, by adding information like memberships, vacancies, discounts, and additional services details in the bottom line; you can better attract your guests and visitors.


· Better Welcoming:


When it comes to welcoming the guests and event attendees in your hotel, it’s essential to pay special attention to the details. These details don’t only please the visitors, but it also helps them remember the fantastic services you offer for their future needs.

To create such a memorable welcoming environment, you can include lobby and interior hotel LED signs. These can offer all the event-specific information to help give the guests a smarter experience.


· The Digital Hotel Directories:


When it comes to running a larger hotel, creating a directory can be essential. However, it isn’t easy to keep track of a directory at all times. Here, the use of interior hotel LED signs serves as a digital hotel directory. For this, you need to look for the signage options that support guest movements upon arrival.

Additionally, including a full directory of directions to find every room/portion of the hotel can help the guests find their way easily. These directions may include finding the pool, café, gym, spa, restaurants, conference rooms, and much more. Moreover, using LED signs in the large parking area can also benefit the visitors and guests in finding empty parking areas quickly.


· Better Promotion:


While you install most of your hotel LED signs to provide your guests with a way finding solution towards different hotel amenities, it’s better to use it for more than that. It means that if you take a small portion of the screen to promote your hotels best offerings through images, it can better attract the viewers that are trying to find the way. It can include sharing pictures of the most exciting and tasty restaurant’s dishes, epic views of guests having fun at the pool, playing and watching games at the games bar, a slideshow for the gym/spa tour, and much more.

Additionally, if you also support a hotel app or have social media pages that promote your business services; you can also give your visitors an insight on that. It may include the easy walk through on using the app, or finding your hotel on different social media accounts. Adding client testimonials along with all this can create a more substantial impact on the guests.


· Portray Art Displays:


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With all the essential and promotional information about your hotel, another thing that can be added to the hotel LED Display signs is art displays. This use can be a great and effective way to use these signs boards when they aren’t being sued for portraying the hotel information. Moreover, the best thing is that you can display different types/categories of arts at different timing – making it look unique and innovative.

Here, you can either use random art displays on the screen to attract the viewers in different areas of the hotel. Yet, displaying event-specific art displays can also be useful in grabbing the viewers’ attention.


· Displaying Different Information:


So we’ve sued hotel details, wayfinding, advertisement, guides, and art as a category of displays you can set on your hotel LED Display signs. But what’s next? Yes, you guessed it right! We’re talking about using these display screens for local news as well as fun facts. Hotels are places where non-native guess often visit, so you can effectively share details that can help them. It can include weather, time, local news, event venue and timings, fun facts about the location, best tourist locations, nearby restaurants, and much more. All this can help the non-native guests of your hotel to get the most out of their stay; even with limited knowledge about the place.

Moreover, displaying emergency alerts regarding weather r any other issue can also be a practical usage of these hotel LED signs.


Applications of Hotel LED Display Signs:


Digital signage’s can be a great way to attract your guests and provide them with all the essential information needed. It can include anything from the weather updates to the wayfinding details to different amenities of the hotel, and much more. The additional quality and advanced display of these screens with multiple sections to add messages and work on their creatively; all this also add to the screens attraction.

Considering this, when you are using motel/hotel LED display signs for all the right reasons, it’s import to know where you can best install them too. Besides, you wouldn’t want to overload your hotel with these signs, nor keep them away from the essential hotel sectors. So instead, you can consider using them in:

· All the hotel amenities

· Waiting/sitting room

· High-traffic areas in the hotel

· Service desks

· Elevators

· Taxi/valet waiting area

· Beach exits

· Gift shops

· Skylift exits

· Hotel entrance




Now that you have a clear understanding of how can you to boost your hotel/motel performance with hotel LED display signs, what’s making you wait? It’s time you uplift the performance of your business and offer your guests with the smartest of experience. So go get the best AVOE hotel LED signs, install them, and see how they cater to your guest’s experience.