Future Technological Solutions For Traffic Controlling, Road Safety Signs And Announcing Traffic Regulations With LED Display Screen

October 26, 2023
Latest company news about Future Technological Solutions For Traffic Controlling, Road Safety Signs And Announcing Traffic Regulations With LED Display Screen

In recent years, due to the rapid development of the LED display industry, many suppliers of different strengths have begun to pour into the industry. It is difficult for customers to find high-reliability outdoor LED displays produced by powerful suppliers among products of uneven quality.


As a 20-year-old provider of overall outdoor LED display solutions, AVOE has been advancing in all business lines in recent years, and has continuously and successively launched a variety of advantageous products. These products have been approved by application partners in various fields, and have been put into use in many major application projects, with excellent performance.




Among them, the field of traffic display is one of the main business application scenarios for outdoor display products of AVOE at home and abroad. Its products are committed to providing cooperative customers with hard goods LED screens that meet the high requirements of outdoor road use environments. Relying on strong R&D and supply capabilities, high-brightness products have won the favor of partners for its ultra-thin design, energy-saving high-brightness and high reliability, and support partners to serve many major projects . Today, we will introduce the following high brightness LED display.


Higher Brightness: This is an outdoor high-brightness screen with a brightness of up to 14000cd/. It is often used in high-speed gantry LED screens, LED screens, cantilever screens, and other transportation applications that have high requirements for brightness. This screen uses a special high-brightness solution, which increases the brightness without increasing the power consumption. Combined with AVOE energy-saving technology, it can achieve high brightness and low power consumption experience.





Energy Savings: In addition, the screen has the characteristics of strong penetrating power, and the content of the display can still be seen clearly at a distance of 200 meters in dynamic (that is, the speed of the vehicle is 120km/h) and 250 meters in static or in foggy weather, which greatly improves security.


Convenient Installation: And the LED outdoor screen installed in the highway environment has strict structural support requirements for safety, so the lighter weight of the screen body is not only easy to install, but also more conducive to safety. The box weight of this LED screen is only less than 35kg/, which requires low structural strength, and is especially suitable for the installation of highway and expressway gantry frames and other roadside instruction, safety signs and structures.




There are many types of outdoor display screens for transportation purposes, with a wide coverage. As electronic products that need to work uninterrupted all year round, poor quality and unreliable products will bring high costs to users’ operation and maintenance. Therefore, AVOE It is very important for outdoor display products to insist on product stability and reliability as always. For more than 20 years, AVOE has always been based on the R&D and manufacturing of outdoor LED displays. The R&D level and process control level have been improved year by year, and have won the solid trust of partners in various fields.


AVOE has contributed a variety of very popular outdoor display products to the market in recent years by utilizing its superior R&D configuration. At the same time, new outdoor products are still under research and development, and more innovative high-quality LED displays will be launched this year, so look forward to it!


AVOE has thousands of panels in stock and ready for delivery. If you have decided to buy outdoor LED display, AVOE can be your best option because we offer reasonable price, high-quality rental LED displays. So if you need any help for your business development please contact us right now, our professional team is 24/7 ready to help you.