China Outdoor Rental AVOE LED Display

May 26, 2022
Latest company news about China Outdoor Rental AVOE LED Display

China Outdoor Rental AVOE LED Display

AVOE LED provides a series of rental LED Display, Their different specialties and common-sharing high-standard visual performances and product quality give our LED display many advantages over other competitive products. We provide high cost-effective China outdoor rental LED display to customers over the world.

Advantages of Rental AVOE LED Screen

(1) High heat dissipation and water resistance

AVOE LED display screens produced by us all have optimized and upgraded heat dissipation and water resistance.
These can be achieved through a reasonable heat dissipation system and design. High-quality and reliable materials also can help to reduce the temperature of LED modules and IC.

(2) Outstanding visual quality

High refresh rate can be up to 3840Hz and high brightness which is up to a maximum value of 7,000nits, and you can see the contents on the screen clearly even in a desert.
What is more, high grayscale and high contrast ratio of our screens can all perfect the display quality.

(3) Reasonable prices

All the components we are purchasing from reliable manufacturers, and the production process is mature.
There will be no concession on the final quality of our products whereas the quality can be guaranteed.

(4) OEM or ODM available

We have strong OEM and ODM ability to produce customized products as you want. Moreover, we accept the manufacturing of various types of creative LED displays. Just tell us your requirements, and we will give you detailed programs before the sale.

LED Screen Rental Possible Events

(1) Sports Events & Races

Setting up a rental LED video wall for your viewers can be an ideal choice as it can provide them with clearer impression and simultaneous viewing chances.
You can also set cameras for the moments who can capture pictures and videos and then give them back to the screen.
What is more, AVOE LED display screens can resist different environment conditions such as rain and over heat, thus improving the safety and stability of the whole race.

(2) Wedding

It is no doubt that wedding can be one of the most excited moments for life, and choosing the right display can perfect the atmosphere.
Therefore, rental LED wall is the most appropriate role to give participants and couples a wonderful experiences. For example, it can play the videos of the couples, display music, show pictures and videos captured by camera feeds, and so on.

(3) Stage

LED screen displays are occupying increasing market share as countless concerts, opening ceremonies and variety show all over the world.
The detailed images, high contrast ratio, built-in components such as audio and sensors all can help the spot effects better. All these leave the rental LED display as an indispensable role of the stage performances.

(4) LED Display Truck Rental

Mobile rental LED display can reach more audiences due to its richer activity trajectories, and can be one of the wise choices when you do not have enough funds to cover the full cost of a mobile LED truck.
Besides, sometimes this cost can be unnecessary. For example, the events are seasonal, and there will be a long-time of leaving unused, which will definitely cause the waste of budget.

(5) Commercial advertisement and propaganda

It is usually rented by recreation business and companies such as parks for movies, advertising campaigns and reminding, and this objective is the cause of most of the mobile LED screen rental deal.

(6) Other large-scale events

Political campaign, drive-in cinema, concerts, festivals, golf tournaments and marathons fundeaisers can be the stage of LED displays for them to enhance engagement with audiences, and have the possibility to attach more people.


Factory Tour

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(1) Efficient Equipment & Workers

AVOE LED has a set of efficient production and effective workers, and the strict utility and management enable our products delivered to customers are qualified and stable-running.

(2) 72 Hours Aging Test

The 72 hour aging test guarantee performance of AVOE LED screen and LED modules have high quality, and can be operated smoothly in different conditions.

(3) 5000㎡+ Production Capacity

High delivery capacity leads to on-time and in-full delivery to meet your market demand. The mature production line improve every details of the displays we produce to better fit in your high requirements.

(4) 8,000㎡ Factory Areas

AVOE LED has advanced production equipment, professional testing equipment and strict quality. We welcome you to visit our factory anytime you want.

(5) 3 Years Warranty & Spare Parts

We can guarantee your customer experiences by offering 2-3 years warranty, and also spare parts. The well-around after-sales services protect your rights to get high-standard products, and reassuring experiences.

(6) Sales & Technical Support

Based on the cooperation of different departments such as the sales department, technical department and logistic department, AVOE LED provides customers with excellent pre-sale services and after-sale services. We are dedicated to becoming the best China outdoor rental LED display provider all the time.

FAQ of AVOE Rental LED Display

Q1: What is your warranty for the LED displays?

A: we provide 2-3 years warranty to our customers, and long-term technology supports and after-sale services.
We will only charge fees on components, and customers bear the round-trip freight.

Q2: How about your products’ quality?

A: first, all the components we will purchase from internationally-known companies including Nationstar, Kinglight, Meanwell, and so on. Therefore, the quality of our LED lamp beads, power supply, flat cables, LED controllers can all be ensured.

Second, we have strict utility and quality testing. For instance, 72-hours aging test will be applied to every LED displays we deliver to our customers, and we have our own professional aging workshop.

Third, a professional team with more than 12-years industry experiences including technicians, sales staff and management can support our mature production line and well-around services.

Q3: Do you have spare parts to prepare for emergencies?

A: yes, we do. Some spare part we will send to our customers for free. When some LED modules fails, then customers can replace them by themselves.

Q4: Can you provide samples?

A: yes, we can. You can join our special sample activity by contacting us, and LED display modules and even LED cabinets can be send to you as free samples.

Q5: Can you provide OEM or ODM service?

A: yes, we can. You can arrange your logo on the package case and cabinet. We have strong OEM and ODM ability so almost all your requirements are all available.

Q6: Does the rental LED screens you provide have high visual performances?

A: according to your requirements, we can produce LED display screens with refresh rate up to 3840Hz and maximum brightness around 7,000nits. Wide grayscale of 14-16bits and viewing angle are all basic requirements for us.

Q7: What services can I suppose to include with my LED rental project?

First, well-around services includes timely after-sale services and technical support during the whole installation process.

Second, sound and power supply are usually included in your rental rate.

Third, a LED technician onsite for the installation, operation and disassembling of the screen.

Q8: What is the cost for LED screen rental?

Usually, the LED screen rental cost can be varied based on specification, events location, functions, availability and so on. Thus, LED display providers do not tend to list the prices online.

However, you can still get a probable price referring to pixel pitch, installation methods, sizes and other specifications.

The most convenient way to get the number is to contact our sales staff directly, and we will give you a quotation which owns detailed price.


AVOE LED is the experienced and trust-worthy China outdoor rental LED display provider. We provide a series of indoor rental LED displays and outdoor rental LED displays to customers from worldwide. The abundant customer cases prove our ability to deliver high-standard LED displays to you at reasonable prices! For any more information, promotion activities and customer cases you want to know, just contact us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.