11 +Top LED Display Panel Suppliers in Brazil

January 21, 2022
Latest company news about 11 +Top LED Display Panel Suppliers in Brazil

11 +Top LED Display Panel Suppliers in Brazil


To give your business (of whatever nature) the attention it so needs, LED Displays are, hands down, one of the cleverest investments one can make for their business. But before your business settles on an LED Display, it is not only important but helpful to narrow down all the options you have. That way you can ultimately make the right decision having considered the factors for your LED Display Investment without having to regret your decisions later.


To give you a brief rundown, LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. A Light Emitting Diode is a source of light that produces photons via the moving about of electrons, ones that rearrange with electron holes whenever an electric current pass through a semiconducting material that consists of a particular type of p-n junction. LED or LCD display has gained mass popularity in recent years because of its low-power consumption capabilities, longevity, as well as other reasons that make it so convenient to use.


For the businesses based in Brazil, there are, no doubt, a plethora of LED display Brazilian suppliers out there on the market. With that being said, here is a list of the best and most prominent among them to make matters easier:



LedWave, which was founded in 2008, is known to be established as one of Brazil’s most dominating and important LED technology companies. LedWave offers display panel rental services that are best suited for covering lectures, fairs, conventions as well as seminars, live broadcasts, different kinds of ceremonies, concerts, DJing backgrounds, and many more. LedWave has seen a lot of success in providing big organizations with different kinds of LED stage display panels. They are devoted to offering customers the best possible services they can offer.



Crailed, for the past fifteen years, has been specializing in electronic visual solutions carrying out different projects within Brazil and overseas. They are amongst the most major companies dealing in LED display (Brazil) products, taking hold of the market leadership by providing their solutions to big organizations in impressively diverse segments. Crailed promises on top-quality delivery as well as the most advanced products accompanied by a highly professional team to carry out installations and maintenance.


The company houses above two hundred employees committed to project development. Tasks such as the selection of quality products, installation, training, management, panel maintenance, technical specification, support (whether it is on-site or off-site), and content creation are under their control.


In addition to all this, their new head office was specifically developed in order to include their large inventory of above four thousand square meters of switchers, LED panels, modern maintenance lab, managing and processing racks, remote monitoring room, technical and engineering departments, product demonstration, and many more.



Established in the year 1993, Eletromidia is one of the largest out-of-home media companies in Brazil. The company has over seventy thousand panels featured in eighteen of Brazil’s largest cities. The company has its operations running in urban furniture stores, airports, shopping malls, residential as well as commercial buildings, and many more. Reaching more than twenty-nine million individuals every day, the company has made its mark by using data as well as creativity to develop innovative display and lighting solutions tailored to big events.


Eletromidia delivers bespoke projects that are far from conventional, providing the masses with free-of-cost useful services such as WiFi and phone charging. The company is devoted to offering innovative advertising solutions via digital and static display panels in indoor as well as outdoor locations abundant in traffic.


Wolf Productions

Wolf Productions, founded in 2017 and based in the vibrant city of São Paulo, is yet another promising contender in this list of LED display Brazil-based suppliers. The company specializes in P3 LED panels and lighting in general. Its main focus is providing LED display and lighting solutions for events and shows.


Wold Productions offers an impressively broad range of advanced products, accompanied by a highly trained technical team that attends and does not discriminate between small, medium, and large-scale events. Their main mission, overall, is to provide customers from all walks of life with the best quality solutions for any events they hold. The company is equipped with a comprehensive line of lighting equipment as well as LED panels as they invest in only the latest products.


Radius Displays

Radius came into being in 1995, its former name being Second Harvest Design. The organization focused majorly on large-scale designs as well as outdoor display solutions, keeping advertisers in mind. Radius Displays has, over the last twenty years, transformed to become a full-fledged design, product solution, and project consultation company. They have been known to deal in and prove highly efficient LED display signage. The company offers a broad range of services, which include but also are not limited to engineering, project consultation, supply, maintenance, and installation.


The company is responsible for some of the most distinctive signage as well as street furniture schemes around the world. Their worldwide clientele consists of big names such as Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton, and Forever 21, etc.


Marc Systems

Marc Systems is another promising LED display (Brazil-based) supplier that focuses on products and installations such as sounding, special structures, laser installations, LED-based lighting for big-scale events, and many more. The company has been responsible for many LED lighting installations for concerts and main events as well as lighting facades for prominent buildings. Marc Systems has also been involved in installations for light shows, DJ system backgrounds, festivals, concerts with popular artists, and many more.


Like most reputable companies, Marc Systems places its focus on quality and integrity, giving the customers what they exactly need. This is one of the prime reasons they made it on this list.


LED 10

LED 10 has been in operation since 2008. It has been one of the most prominent companies in the LED panel industry nationally and internationally. The company is known for its to-rent LED panels for commercial buildings like gas stations, departmental stores, car dealerships, real estate organizations, shows, fairs, and events whether they are small, medium, or large-scale.


The company values ideologies such as commitment, efficiency, agility, and ethics, etc. They offer cutting-edge technology in the form of high-resolution LED panels. They also offer technical consultation for customers needed some direction with indoor or outdoor projects. Boasting an overall extensive portfolio, LED 10 provides consultations, installations, and maintenance for most types of industries like commercial, advertisement, and entertainment. LED 10’s mission is to help customers add value to their brands by offering them ingenious solutions, they also wish to make electronic display solutions profitable in Brazil.


LED Produções

LED Produções, based in Belém, is a family-owned and operated company that is known for its audiovisual and photographic content which is specifically aimed at corporate settings. They offer their solutions to customers belonging to different diversiites, i.e. industry, mining, services, and commerce. What makes this LED display Brazil-based supplier all the more unique is the fact that they are also involved in the production of advertisement reports, TV commercials, and radio spots.


TOPLED Multimídia

TOPLED Multimídia has been operating for the last twenty years, in fact, even more than that. The company has always been in sync with the great technology-based advances in its industry. TOPLED further expanded its services to include high-resolution outdoor LED panels as well as event and concert logistics. The company has participated in training in Europe, the United States, and China.


With so many achievements under its belt, TOPLED Multimídia is prominent in the organization of shows, electronic LED billboards, fairs, and artistic presentations and performances, etc. They also offer consultations and free quotes to those interested. With them renting out modern and advanced LED display panels to artists as well as events across Brazil, TOPLED has earned its place as one of the most prominent companies in its industry.


LedsUniverse Lighting

LedsUniverse is a company that not only supplies LED lights and solutions, but also manufactures them. They develop their own technology and constantly make efforts to improve it by planning and expanding on any new concepts and models they come up with. For this company, development and research are the foundation that has made them what they are.


They have their own team that experiments on and applies different marketing strategies, always having a creative approach towards their projects. The company vows to provide top-quality products with the best materials and advanced technology. LedsUniverse has a massive product range that comprises streetlights, tunnel lights, floodlights, billboard lights, panel lights, and many more, etc.



Last on this list of the top LED display Brazil-based providers is Biodelic which is prominent for its innovation and unmatched quality in the advancement and execution of projects that belong in the scenographic industry such as projections, special assemblies, and LED solutions.


The company is quite well-versed when it comes to creating customized solutions in the content projection as well as the production industry. The company, in actuality, partners with professional decorators and scenographers, offering them labor via their own professional team.