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Best deals on Indoor Fixed Transparent LED Display- AVOE
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Best deals on Indoor Fixed Transparent LED Display- AVOE

Transparent LED Display

Indoor Fixed Transparent LED Display and Rental transparent LED Display

Glass wall LED display; LED transparent screen;

Glass wall mounted display;

Match with glass perfectly;

High transparency; High brightness. 

High Transparency

its 75% high transparency and some types can reach 90%

it will have no any effect on indoor "day lighting"!  

Customized Size

Cabinet size can be customized according to the building glass size.

It is mounted behind glass wall, but display towards outside. 

Easy Maintenance

Support front maintenance.Individual strip design with hot plug.

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Transparent LED Display is no doubt the best choice as windows ads player, without sacrifice ventilate and natural light with the 48%~90% transparency, you won’t miss any view from it. Transparent LED Display is ultra slim and thin, easy for installation and transportation, time and labor efficient. The quick lock system of Transparent LED Display secured quick and fast connection. Integrated power and data cables save lots of trouble when installing Transparent LED Display and make it looks tidy and elegant. Transparent LED Display can only be installed indoors, but also view-able from outside of the building, high brightness and high definition making a stunning effect of your ads to passers.

Transparent LED Display possesses transparent and modern product aesthetics which can benefit to installation over windows, glass facade and for creative event production as well. It is lightweight and ultra-thin, making deployment a breeze. High transparency guarantees natural view behind the screen while delivering clear and crisp contents view-able for both day and night.


Transparent LED window display;

Transparent LED poster for shop window;

Standard cabinet; Integrated design;

Easy & fast installation;

Intelligent control system; High transparency.


Rental display market;

Standard cabinet design;

Fast lock for easy installation;

Ultra slim & light weight.

Easy & Fast Installation


Fast lock for cabinet connection,

only 10s for single people to assemble;

and without any other tools. 

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