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Solar LED road light offers great lighting! | AVOE
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Solar LED road light offers great lighting! | AVOE

Solar LED Lighting System

Solar Powered LED Lighting

Rapid advancements in solar cells, LED lighting and energy storage have created interesting opportunities for integration of these technologies.

Energy technology science and engineering have developed a solution that integrates all three: a hybrid solar-wind powered LED street lighting product.

Boasting smaller, better and more, solar-wind hybrids are engineered to maximize wind and solar powered cell batterieslength of usage and improve lighting with LED technology.

Ideally suited for street and parking lots.

Data sheet available soon.  

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Save on your energy cost.

The sun’s energy is free and by going solar you can generate your power using that free energy, thus saving yourself from ever increasing electricity tariffs.

Investment with great returns

Installing a solar panel is not an expenditure, it’s an investment that helps you save hugely on electricity bills and pays for itself over the 25+ year lifetime of your installation. Plus, it can also fetch you a much higher asking price when it comes time to sell your home. Isn’t that a great return?

Increase asset value

Solar is the energy of the future, and with more people becoming environmentally conscious, the asset value of properties with solar panels is increasing multifold.  In fact, you can recoup 100% of your money, thanks to the huge appreciation in the value of a property with solar energy.

More power to green energy

Generating solar power does not cause greenhouse gas emissions or any other adverse effect on the environment. You can reduce your carbon footprint significantly by going solar.

Combining solar with LED is best way to increase your energy savings, and protect your business from the rising energy costs. LED lights consume just 20% of the equivalent amount of energy used by incandescent and halogen globes, potentially saving your business 90% of their lighting bill.



Quickly and easily light up any outdoor location with free, off-the-grid power by using ELEDLIGHTS Pole Mount LED Solar Lights.

Each self-contained unit includes its own solar panel, lithium battery, and high lumen LED light source.

No wiring or installation by an electrician is necessary.

These lights are especially ideal for safety and security illumination in areas where power is either inaccessible or expensive.


A gimbal mounted 50W solar panel, adjustable for maximum sun exposure, charges a 170WH lithium battery during daylight hours. At dusk, the battery supplies power to the light source which provides 2260 lumens of cold white light (5000K) from an array of high quality LEDs. To conserve battery power, a built-in motion sensor allows the unit to be switched to a lower brightness setting during periods of low pedestrian activity and back to full brightness when movement is detected within approximately 30 feet. A small, hand-held remote allows switching the unit into any of 6 different modes that allow you to control time, brightness, and motion activation. The light also includes three color indicators: The blue light indicates charging, the green light indicates the light is on and working, and the red light indicates the light needs to be charged.


Simple Instructions for Use

For first time use, make sure the unit is fully charged by placing it so that the solar panel is in direct sunlight for at least 4 hours.

Familiarize yourself with the 6 modes of operation and select the desired mode by pressing whichever button corresponds to that desired mode. Modes include: demo mode, time control (T), light control (L), motion sensor control (M), motion sensor and time control (U), and off mode.


Demo Mode - In any lighting conditions the unit turns on automatically when motion is detected and turns off when motion is no longer detected.


Light Control Mode (L) - At night and in low lighting conditions, the light will operate at 100% brightness for one hour, 70% brightness for three hours and then 20% brightness until dawn. At dawn, the light will turn off. Press the “L” button on the remote to activate.


Time Control Mode (T) - At night or in low lighting conditions, the light will operate at 100% brightness for five hours and then 50% brightness until dawn. Press the “T” button on the remote to activate


Motion Sensor Control Mode (M) - At night or in low lighting conditions, the light will operate at 50% brightness. When motion is detected it will increase to 100% brightness. After four hours the light will operate at 20% brightness until dawn. Press the “M” button on the remote to activate.


Motion Sensor and Time Control Mode (U) - At night or in low lighting conditions, the light will operate at 100% brightness for 2 hours then 60% brightness for another 2 hours. The mode then switches to motion sensor. When motion is detected the light will yield 60% brightness and decrease to 20% brightness when motion is no longer detected. Press the “U” button on the remote to activate.


Off Mode - The light will remain off.


Note: Lighting duration is approximately 36--48 hours. The solar light can work continuously for 3 to 5 rainy days without charging the battery. The length of time the solar panel holds its charge depends on amount of sun exposure, weather conditions, and different working modes.



Quick, easy LED lighting solution for security/safety

Solar-charged by day; battery-powered at night

Includes 6 Operation modes and a remote control

Three color indicators

Heavy-duty, long-life lithium battery

High quality aluminum alloy and tempered glass construction

High-efficiency, gimbal-mounted solar panel

Charges within 4 hours in the sun

Easy installation; no power or wiring required

IP65 rating

50,000 hour operating life

3 years warranty

Available in cold white light (5000K).

Ideal solution for security and safety.

This light can be used anywhere you need outdoor lighting that automatically turns on and off when it senses motion, but where you may not have access to an external power source, or you may not want to be bothered with hard-wiring a fixture.

Suitable locations include parks, squares, courtyards, farms, rural roads, and outside of schools, factories and businesses.  

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